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>The Gauntlet: Denver Edition

26 October 2006

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In this new feature of the RWD media conglomerate, the lovely mastermind behind the site throws down the gauntlet to various bloggers, hockey enthusiasts, and trolls under bridges. The first interview is with the genius behind the Let’s Go DU web empire, and as for which category he fits into, that’s for you to decipher. You have never seen more ellipses in your life.

RWD: So, how did you get started as a DU fan?

DG: I was a student in the Mid-Eighties went to a few games… yada, yada, yada… I ended up in charge of the DU Student Section called the Bleacher Creatures.

RWD: So it wasn’t when you got your rejection letter from CC?

DG: Hmmm… this is going to be a Mike Wallace 60 Minutes-style ambush interview… I like it.

RWD: What else would you expect from a crack reporter like me?

DG: A few softballs to start… kind of like what I lob to Gwoz to keep on his good side.

RWD: Oh, so you and Curious George are buddies?

DG: He knows me. I don’t have a firm grip on what he thinks of me, but I suspect he thinks I’m insane.

RWD: Does he know you simply because you are the guy that wears the toga?

DG: Yeah. I think he’s still mad at me because I became as famous as him after he did all the work to win the championships, and I gravy trained off of his success

RWD: I noticed that he’s often trying to compete with your success. Especially that time he climbed on the top of the boards. Do you think he feels threatened by you?

DG: He said he won’t climb the boards again. I think he’d like me to go away, because I bring down the average IQ of the DU Alumni base.

RWD: But coming back to the toga… how did that start?

DG: Myself and two friends from Houston were going to a toga party at Tufts University after the National Championship game in Boston. There wasn’t time to go home and change. True story…

RWD: So… you started this in 2004? Not in college?

DG: The togas were in 2004. The crazy [feces] happened in 1985-87.

RWD: Right, I was referring specifically to the togas. That explains a lot. What’s the proper way to wear a toga? Is it like a kilt, with nothing underneath?

DG: A lot and I mean a lot of safety pins. It doesn’t matter if you wear underwear, it’s going to be embarrassing if anything falls off in front of 10-20,000 people. [ed. note: I disagree, I think things would be much worse if your toga fell off and there was nothing underneath.]

RWD: Is it a little chilly at a hockey game? With the toga on, I mean

DG: If you are properly fueled that’s not an issue…

RWD: Indeed. So you started Let’s Go DU a bit over a year ago… why?

DG: Good question. Finally a softball. A friend & I had prepared a 20 page report on improving school spirit at DU and I wanted to put it on the internet so that people at DU would see it. Somehow I ended up with a blog.

RWD: Are you some sort of alumni superstar? Or did you write this 20 page paper because DU discovered you had skipped your final in freshman English?

DG: My attorney said that I shouldn’t answer any questions about my academic background on the grounds that I might incriminate myself. I was a terrible student and English was my worst and least favorite subject.

RWD: I guess that goes to show anyone can have a blog… So you weren’t inspired to start a blog by, say… other blogs? [i.e. Runnin’ With The Dogs.]

DG: I never saw a blog until the day I started mine. A DU fan had one, I saw it figured I could stick the report on it and then never see it again. Like many things in my life. I WAS WRONG.

RWD: So this report took on a life of its own?

DG: No the Blog did. The Report has died a thousand deaths, but like me it never gives up…

RWD: Oh. How Frankenstein-y. So what would you say the Let’s Go DU Mission Statement is?

DG: To make people laugh, to provide an outlet for people who are proud of DU, and to spotlight our hockey program in a unique manner.

RWD: Wow, it’s almost like you saw that one coming. Now the empire is growing, with a message board and a website. How is the website going to differ from the blog?

DG: The website is off to a really strong start. CO14ers has lined up writers[. It] is going to cover different sports, and hopefully bring a wider, younger, hipper audience than the blog.

RWD: I am young, hip, and wide, so I don’t know what you’re talking about. [I said this for comic effect, I am not actually fat. Or cool.] As far as the blog, are you the sole mastermind behind it?

DG: I have a lot of help. Many of the DU posters provide me with info, ideas and feedback. If the blog sucks it’s their fault. If it’s great it’s all my work.

RWD: I like the concept. I too blame lackeys for anything that goes wrong.

DG: It’s the only way.

RWD: I noticed that there seems to be a lot more “filler” on your site, and by “filler” I mean actual true stories from reputable sources. What’s the deal there?

DG: I think that’s part of the joke of the site. Anything to do with DU is serious, thought provoking, informative. Anything that refers to another team is a lampoon.

RWD: I would counter that the articles that actually provoke thoughts from me are usually the lampoons. What would you say to the rumor floating around the college hockey world that you have no life?

DG: I do all my work on the blog at work. The blog doesn’t affect my drinking, travel schedule, or partying.

RWD: I see. And for the ladies that might accidentally stumble across this interview, is there a Mrs. DG?

DG: No. Would you want to marry someone who has a blog called LetsGodU? It sounds like a boring religious site.

RWD: Touché. Would you ever date someone that went to CC?

DG: Absolutely not. I’m against mixed marriage. Besides I couldn’t marry someone who was smarter than me. That’s why I like North Dakota girls.

RWD: I hear there’s a pretty one behind every tree.

DG: Touché.

RWD: Hey, who’s making the sarcastic comments here, you or me?

DG: [You].

RWD: Right. Why exactly does CC suck so badly?

DG: They have the typical small town, inferiority complex on steroids thing going. [This answer was actually sort of disappointing, I was hoping for more of a tirade, but this is journalism, not sensationalism.]

RWD: Do they reciprocate your feelings?

DG: I wouldn’t know, I’ve never spoken to a CC “person.”

RWD: I met some CC moms at the 2005 Frozen Four and they were pretty good-looking, and also drunk. You might be more similar than you think.

DG: The good looking or the drunk part?

RWD: I meant the collective “you” not you specifically. But either or. Granted I’ve never actually seen you in person.

DG: I’m not as good looking or as drunk as you think. It’s all an act to get more blog hits. [Note that I never actually said I thought he was good-looking.]

RWD: I’ll have to get my fact-checker to ask Puck Swami for confirmation.

DG: Don’t believe a word that weasel says…

RWD: Well, let’s switch gears here a little and talk about this weekend. What sort of booze will you be drowning your sorrows in after you are swept?

DG: I only drink before victories never after losses. I believe the drinks this Friday will be Zombies…

RWD: You will not win on Friday, as I already stated [in our email correspondence], but moving on, what are we going to see out of Denver this weekend?

DG: You are going to see three unbelievable freshmen forwards: Trotter, Rakhshani & Ruegsegger. Also keep an eye on Gifford… He was my sleeper pick opening weekend, and now he’s on the first line.

RWD: Yes, Tyler is unbelievable looking, but I didn’t think Rakhshani was hott. He almost made the Uggo list, and there was some lobbying to have him on there. But who would you nominate for the All Hottie Team from the Pioneers?

DG: Mrs. Gwozdecky

RWD: Is she a walk-on?

DG: Full scholarship all the way. It’s also rumored that she picks the line-ups and tells Gwoz what to wear.

RWD: Well isn’t that what all coaches’ wives do?

DG: Well she’s won two Penrose awards, twice was runner-up, and won two National Championships… Obviously she’s smarter than the other wives.

RWD: I guess the other wives should start shopping wherever she shops. So, what do you expect from the Bulldogs this weekend?

DG: I hope it’s not the same bunch of clowns that kicked our [badonkadonks] in the playoffs last season. I hope DU doesn’t let UMD get off to a fast start on Friday.

RWD: Actually, it essentially is the same bunch of clowns.

DG: That’s what I was afraid of. We need to keep your sophomores under wraps.

RWD: We need to keep them, too. For the full four years.

DG: 4 more years. Sounds like a political rally. Good luck with that.

RWD: I don’t think they have 4 more years of eligibility. [We can only dream.] So, to wrap things up, let’s have a weekend prediction.

DG: Same as always. DU sweeps. Good luck to UMD this weekend and the rest of the season. Tell the Minnesota Legislature to get their [badonkadonks] in gear and pass the DECC renovation. GO DU. Thanks for “interviewing me,” feel free to edit anything to make me look like a sexist, racist, egotistical bigot…

RWD: I don’t think I need to edit it to give it that sort of slant. I can read between the lines.

DG: Agreed.

RWD: Well, have a good night.

Well, I think this feature is going to become one of the best ones over here at RWD. I think this interview went well overall, especially considering I didn’t have many questions prepared.

In the future? Ask not at whom the gauntlet is thrown, it is thrown at thee.

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  1. 26 October 2006 1:48 pm

    >You always come up with such clever things for your blog. Kudos to you!!On a side note, my friend that was the UMD mascot is coming home in a couple of weeks and I had to promise to not drink bulldogs and bark at him (that’s what I did the last time we went out before he moved..I thought it was funny, he thought it was odd)…so this time I’m thinking I’ll just call him by the mascot name…it’s Champ, right?

  2. 26 October 2006 3:08 pm

    >Weasel? Weasel?Ask DG about the time he led posse of drunken DU fans who carried an actual full-size coffin into the UMD fan section in the 1986 WCHA playoffs…One of the truly great moments in Bleacher Creature History….

  3. 26 October 2006 4:30 pm

    >Swami, If the shoe fits. Besides you can’t trust any of the content written over here.Needless to say I had to look up what “ellipses” were. Boy was I relieved it was a form of VD related to the Colordao College Mono Outbreak.

  4. 26 October 2006 4:54 pm

    >You have captured DG in all his Toganess!!! Great interview

  5. 27 October 2006 2:26 pm

    >When my two favorite bloggers get together and talk, fantastic things happen. Just awesome.And RWD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope your guys can get you a nice gift tonight. =)


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