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>A Hard Luck Story

14 January 2007

>There’s no denying that Friday night’s win had a certain amount of luck to it. Definitely some skill, hard work, and grit, too, I’m not trying to discount that, but you just don’t score an unassisted goal from center ice on skill. Unless you are a robot, and if so, what kind of powers do you have? Do you use them for good, or for awesome? Would you like to join forces? I just happen to be the greatest criminal mind of our time.

Okay, I got off track there. So, Friday night, RWD staffers had a meeting via the internet. Present were: RWD Ace Reporter and Prognosticater, DA; RWD East Coast Correspondent, H; and, of course, the lovely, brilliant, one and only RWD. UMDDogz is in the center of the continent, probably for a meeting of some sort of Unabomber-worshipping fringe group; Gramps was probably asleep. At the end of the game, after a few moments of jubilation, we discussed Saturday. DA asked who was going to be around, and everyone said they would be. In a wise moment, I cautioned everyone not to change their clothes. Because, everyone knows when you’re on a winning streak, you don’t change anything. You hold your breath, you cautiously avoid any words like “sweep” or “shutout”, and you wear those lucky socks until the streak ends.

Fast forward to Saturday. I’m there, in my totally sweet Norm Maciver throwback (same as last night), DA is back, measuring drapes, UMDDogz is still plotting against the government, Gramps is still sleeping… BUT. NO H.

I think we can extrapolate from here what happened. The universe shifted. The ‘Dogs, who were winning 2-0 through 2 periods, gave away 4 straight (incl. an empty netter). The PK had been perfect through 2, but CC’s PP scored 2 of 3 in the 3rd. Mason Raymond scored 2 goals, each assisted by Biggie Mac and a RWD Guy, then got briefly injured, but returned to the game, only to finish a -1 on the night! CC finished with twice the power play opportunities (but, notice, no coaches tried to kill any referees… the players were taking care of dumping Anderson ON the ice), including on that essentially put the Tigers on the PP for nearly the rest of the game (although they scored a little over a minute into that PP, so they didn’t have the full 2 minutes). UMD pulled Stalock, but couldn’t get organized, and after only 10 seconds, gave up the empty netter with 59 seconds remaining.

I’m not particularly happy with how the game turned out last night, BUT we can do two things: hang our heads and cry, or go out and slaughter some Huskies.


Points Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 14 (So, no need for the brooms)
Wins Until We Surpass Last Year’s Total: 6 (Totally achievable!)

My “Guys” Competition:
Matt Niskanen: 23!
Michael Gergen: 12
Mike Curry: 11
Matt McKnight: 6!
Jason Garrison: 2

Freshmen Competition:
Akins: 9
Fulton: 7
Stalock: 4
Gorsalitz: 2 (actually in the lineup!)
Palm: 1
C. Ryan: 1 (actually in the lineup!)

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  1. 14 January 2007 11:24 pm

    >Holy mother of ugliness..Dan Kronick’s ugliness can be seen even with his helmet on! I commented about it at the game last night, only to open up the paper today to this picture! Take a look…total uggo. It’s the 3rd picture on the page I’m talking about.

  2. 15 January 2007 1:38 am

    >:::Vomits:::We are not friends anymore. Friends don’t make friends look at Dan Kronick.Also, isn’t a 0-0 tie the most boring thing ever?

  3. 15 January 2007 3:17 am

    >Sorry, the pic was SO butt ugly that I HAD to share it. It scares me how ugly that kid is.Coming out with 3 points is good…but I would rather have had a 1-1 tie (if we HAD to tie). Watching 65 minutes of scoreless hockey is kinda boring…but it was actually a good game.


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