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>You’re On Notice!

15 January 2007

>All right, guys, we’ve got to go on a second half run here. I know you can do it, I of course have ultimate confidence in your abilities to go undefeated in the rest of your games. Then we’ll be chanting “Seven More Wins!” at Patrick McGovern’s on March 15th, just like we did last year.

We can’t do anything without some goal scoring. Mason Raymond is, obviously, a scoring machine. Mason Raymond does not sleep. He waits. My Guys have all being doing a pretty good job of getting on the board, predominantly with assists. Assists are great, because you can’t have an assist without a goal. But we can’t rely on the status quo to keep us going. Someone’s gotta step up.

The Numbers is going to have a new feature. It’s called the Scoring Drought. Anyone who has a scoring drought of 4 or more games is on the list. Haven’t gotten a goal in awhile? You’re on the board. Haven’t gotten an goal OR an assist in awhile? Better get a goal. Scoring every game? Keep it up. Don’t play regularly? You’re safe. It ain’t your fault. We know you’d score a hatty each game if only given the chance. GD = goal drought. PD = point drought.

Scoring Drought
Nick Kemp: GD 4
Mike Curry (see? RWD does not play favorites here): GD 6
Drew Akins: GD 7 PD 4
Michael Gergen: GD 10
Andrew Carroll: GD 10 PD 7
Trent Palm: GD 14 PD 14
Jordan Fulton: GD 23
Ryan Geris: GD 24 PD 14
Travis Gawryletz: GD 25 PD 6

Okay, it’s not that hard. If everyone on the list here scored a goal this weekend, we’d for sure beat St. Cloud. Which we’ll be doing anyway.

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  1. 15 January 2007 9:55 pm

    >So I guess we want to see this list get virtually eliminated then. Well its up to the boys lets knock this list off in relatively short order.

  2. 15 January 2007 11:00 pm

    >EXACTLY the point.Gawryletz had better be first off the list. He has 0 goals.


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