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3 February 2008

>I wrote this entry in class this morning, while I was waiting for the rest of the class to finish taking their midterms. I’m a very fast test-taker.

tUMD 1, Dirty Hacks 3

Obviously, I’m dissatisfied with the outcome of last night’s game. I mean, duh, we lost, that’s never a fantastic thing. I hate giving up empty net goals; they’re so demoralizing, especially when they come with so much time left in the game.

The real loss of the game, however, is the Very Handsome Jason Garrison. He allegedly has a broken leg and will allegedly be out for the rest of the season (Pates says so, but Sandy won’t confirm), and I’m very sad. He’s obviously an integral part of the team and one of our top 3 defencemen. The circumstances of the injury seemed a little strange, as it appeared Patrick Johnson smashed him from behind into the boards (at least, that was the audible reaction of Justin May, Renaissance Man) right after he lost an edge. Bruce goes on about it over on his site, so whatever, I don’t need to repeat him. At any rate, we will miss his presence. DA pointed out perhaps a different defenceman would have been more expendable, because we’d have about three less penalties a game, but I think the whole D-corps responded nicely to their hardship and didn’t take any interference penalties or anything. This is certainly a golden opportunity for Chase “Put Me In Coach!” Ryan or Chad “I Overstated My Height On The Roster” Huttel to step into a more regular role. What this means for Garrison, Gawryletz, and Montgomery’s band is unknown. It all depends on if he is the drummer or not. If he’s a guitarist, it’s cool, because he can sit down and sing soulful ballads. I hope they write a song about me, and it’s not derogatory.

I have to applaud Sandelin for taking such a huge risk by pulling Stalock with so much time left in the game, during a stoppage in play. It showed a lot of confidence in our guys, and especially in My Guy MacGregor Sharp, who won the face-off and gave us control of the puck. We had possession for quite awhile and some great chances before Wisconsin got control and scored their empty net goal.

The lone goal in the game came from Travis Gawryletz on the power play, which must have meant the moon was in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars. It was an awesome goal that I’m sure many other guys were jealous of: he was all alone on the backdoor and lifted the puck over Connelly’s leg. I saw this because the game was randomly televised here in the Cities. I am so pleased to take TG Off Notice for the first time this season!

Other exciting news: Mike Curry returned to the lineup after a long absence due to injury!

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