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6 October 2008


tUMD 6, Thundercats 0

Wowza. Do I ever wish that I was at this game. Bruce and Rik were saying that most of it was “boring,” but really, it’s been too long. 204 days without my Bulldogs. That’s too long. Boys, I missed you. I’m sure you didn’t miss me, but I’ve come to terms with that.

I liked what I heard tonight. I mean, once they finally flipped the switch to turn the internet feed on. I was concerned it wasn’t going to work and was pacing around my apartment in a panic. Then I said forget about it and went to take a quick shower and of course then it turned on. We scored 6 goals, which is more than we scored in any games last year, as pointed out to me by closeted tUMD fan FireHelmetGuy. I listened to Coach Sandelin’s comments during the first intermission and I liked what I heard. He pointed out that each night, good players are going to be sitting, which is going to keep a fire going under some guys’s breezers.

Al played 40 minutes and Brady played 20 and they combined for the shutout. Brady probably faced more challenges than Al and he rose to the occasion. In a league with increasingly more talented goaltenders, it’s wonderful to see that we’re keeping pace. Most of the other WCHA teams that played overage Canadians struggled, and we had by far the biggest win of all.

Only 50% of our Connollys were playing (according to Sandy, MConnolly had some sort of injury) but from what I heard, it was like having an entire team of Connollys out there, as JC played like… well, I heard either Bruce or Rik compare him to Mark Pavelich, which will make my mom happy. As you see from this SAT question: Mike Curry : Me :: Mark Pavelich : my mom.

Speaking of SAT questions, here’s another one:
Mike Curry : my obsession from 2004-2008 :: ____________ : my obsession for 2008-2012
A. Jack Connolly
B. Jack Connolly
C. Jack Connolly
D. JACK CONNOLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The answer is D. And I know I already announced My Guys for the year, and I don’t generally pick My Guys without getting to “know” them for a year, but just like Evan Schwabe and Mike Curry before him, I just couldn’t help myself. And 3 My Guys didn’t seem like enough.

Anyway, I’m SO EXCITED for next weekend and EVEN MORE EXCITED for the weekend after that, as my midterms will be over and I WILL BE IN DULUTH, GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, right now the Oversized Textbook of Death and Destruction is calling my name.

As an aside, congrats to the only Wisconsin blogger I ever read, BadgerBacker, on his performance in the Twin Cities Marathon today!

The Numbers (practice)
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 9
Points until we equal last season’s total: 23

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 2! (By all rights, probably should have been 5 or 6!)
Michael Gergen: 2! (A goal and an assist! Now I can dream about it!)
Rob Bordson: 1! (First goal of the game! And on the power play!)
MacGregor Sharp: 0 (Come on, Sharpy, you’re the only one of My Guys who didn’t score!)

Jack Connolly: 2!
Scott Kishel: 1!
Brady Lamb: 1!
Travis Oleksuk: 0
Mike Connolly: DNP
David Grun: DNP
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