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11 October 2008


tUMD 2, Weird Bird Mascots 2

The funny thing about ties is, I’m THRILLED with a tie if we were losing, and PISSED if we were winning. Tonight is a bit of an anomaly, as we had a charitable donation from the umpires in overtime. A FIVE ON THREE IN OVERTIME is like HALLEY’S COMET. We wasted it, and I will be dead in 75 years when it comes around next. Well, maybe not. That would be amazing. I would be the oldest tUMD fan in the DECC. I’m sure I’d have awesome seats (since who else would have seniority on me?) and I’d have a crocheted blanket over my knees and crazy horn-rimmed glasses and a megaphone to make sure those blankety-blank referees can still hear me. Except you can better believe that at 100 years old, I will not be saying blankety-blank. It will be the real deal. Who’s going to stop me? I will cut them.

The 5×3 in question was the second 5×3 of the game, and as Josh Meyers and Evan Oberg teamed up to put the puck in the net a few minutes into the 3rd period, it was too much to ask that we score TWICE on a 5×3 in one game. I mean, it was miraculous that we even scored ONCE on a 5×3. In fact, considering the beginning of the game, it was miraculous that we SCORED a GOAL. We seemed a bit… discombobulated. Twiterpated. Bamboozled. I was stressed. And also not wearing pants.

I know that Donald probably died a thousand deaths at the idea that we had a shootout tonight. I’m fine with it, as it didn’t decide the game, although it would have been awesome if it had, since Justin Fontaine and Alex Stalock combined to rock the shoot-out. Such as it was. But we would have won! It was a moral victory, I suppose.
I’m sure Northern Michigan is going to be all tired out by their excessive scoring in their game against Tech (sorry MEg) and we will be wiping the ice with them. I have 2 exams tomorrow so we need to win or I’ll probably explode.

Also, weirdly, my mathematical post was quite prophetic. Except we both scored exactly 2 goals.

The Numbers (for reals now!)
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 9 (non-conference)
Points until we equal last season’s total: 23 (ditto)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 1! (Got us on the board! On the PP!)
Rob Bordson: 0 (Not even in the shootout.)
Jack Connolly: 0
Michael Gergen: 0 (Sadly injured and not playing; would most certainly have scored had he been in the game!)
Mike Connolly: 1!
Jack Connolly: 0
Brady Lamb: 0
David Grun: DNP
Scott Kishel: DNP
Travis Oleksuk: DNP
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  1. 11 October 2008 7:04 am

    >seriously, who gives a fuck what donald thinks? The guys is a moron.


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