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>The Barn Burner

19 October 2008

>tUMD 6, WMU 5

My friends, I’m really struggling tonight. I know that I say this every time, but I’m very tired and yet my night is still not over. I am venturing over to Suptown for a night of debauchery… if my temporary roommates ever come home.

I am tired for numerous reasons, partly because I slept like crap last night and was hung over all day today (I’ve turned into a lightweight again, all my years of training down the drain!), but mostly because that game was emotionally draining. And physically, because anyone who has ever watched a game with me knows that 1. I scream and 2. I am always flailing or jumping or writhing.

I sat in the same seats I did last night, only DHG et. al. were not present as they all had other commitments. I had plans to sit with a few other tPBers who have their tickets in the same area, BUT I spent the first 10 minutes of the game alone, nearly surrounded by teenagers. Evidently Section 25 is the teenager section? USAFA Bulldog kindly came and sat with me for the first period, which was necessary for certain reasons which I will outline below. Eventually the stragglers showed up during the 2nd period, and all was well. I was concerned that maybe there was a pumpkin-carving emergency, as that had kept them away from the game the previous evening.

I got to the game really early because I had nothing else to do. I’d driven back from Gooseberry and it was already 5:50 so I just headed over to the game. I read my program and texted and took 800000000 photos of Jack Connolly during warm ups. I wonder if he sensed it. He has kind of a neat little way of shooting the puck during warm-ups, with a funny stick lift and glide combo after he sends it to the net.

As an aside, I wish the program was a little more interesting. I don’t know exactly how that would be accomplished, but it would be nice. Maybe they could ask me to write something. But, while it would be gloriously entertaining for you all, it would still be boring for me, since I would already know the content.

I know that B2 was crappity crap and not available and the radio feed is all kinds of jacked up, so why don’t I walk you through all the scoring? This will be fun for me. At the Curling Club tonight someone was asking me how I remember all the stuff to blog about, and I had to inform him that my blog isn’t very factual, rather it is more anecdotal. Sometimes I think I should change that, but really, that’s my niche. I will leave all that boring stuff to Kevin Pates while I have all the fun. Something tells me he wouldn’t be interested in talking about hotties, but then again who am I to assume anything? Maybe he’d be into it.

This might take awhile.

WMU 1 – 0 6×5 PP Greg Squires (2) (Kevin Connauton, Tyler Ludwig)
This goal came after Nick Kemp took a very unsmart penalty. We’ve had a lot of 5x3s to kill lately and it was only a matter of time before we gave one up. Our PK has really been struggling lately. Partially because we’re taking penalties while we’re on the power play!

MND 1 – 1 6×6 Jack Connolly (1) (Michael Gergen, Justin Fontaine)
Thank goodness that USAFA Bulldog was sitting with me. If my sweet Jacky had scored a goal and I’d been sitting alone, I wouldn’t have been able to celebrate. I already looked like some kind of a crazy person sitting alone at a game. It was a great goal that almost looked like it wasn’t going to happen. Brad was like “I didn’t think he was going to get to that puck.” I was 100% certain it was Jacky who scored until he wasn’t the guy who led the celebratory high five line so I was confused and I was screaming “WAS IT JACK? WAS IT JACK?” and jumping around and hugging Brad.

WMU 2 – 1 6×5 PP Derek Roehl (1) (Tyler Ludwig, Patrick Galivan)
This goal depressed me because Jacky was in the penalty box when it was scored. Like he would ever commit a penalty!!!

WMU 3 – 1 6×6 Derek Roehl (2) (unassisted) 10:47
I missed this goal because the students were chanting “Beer Song! Beer Song!” and the idiot high school children behind us were chanting (not loudly) “Beer Sucks! Beer Sucks!” and Sando and I were both turned around staring at them in bewilderment.

MND 2 – 3 6×4 PP Evan Oberg (1) (Justin Fontaine) 0:45
We missed this goal because we were in the Curling Club and I miscalculated by like 5 minutes how much time we had left. I would have been depressed if we’d come back and it had been still 3-1.

MND 3 – 3 5×6 SH Andrew Carroll (1) (Evan Oberg, Cody Danberg) 5:05
GLORIOUSLY AMAZING! We were jubilant at this goal. It was such a random combination of people, too. Carroll from Oberg? What? It’s like McFarland from Curry or something, back in the day. Although not quite to that extent.

MND 4 – 3 6×5 PP Mike Connolly (2) (MacGregor Sharp, Jordan Fulton) 8:23
The guy next to me said “There it is” about a second before the goal went it. Mike Connolly is SUCH a PLAYMAKER.

WMU 4 – 4 5×6 SH Ryan Watson (1) (unassisted) 17:27
This goal had me practically slitting my wrists. Stalock just gave the guy the puck and was like “Here, please score on me.” I mean, that was how bad it was. Stalock was in the corner and passed it right behind the net to this Ryan Watson character.

MND 5 – 4 6×6 Jordan Fulton (2) (Andrew Carroll) 18:30
I don’t remember what actually occurred on this goal, but I just remember rejoicing and thinking *boom* we’ve got this in the bag.

WMU 5 – 5 6×6 EA Patrick Galivan (2) (unassisted)
tDogs were in the Broncos’s zone trying for the empty-netter, but it wasn’t a clean breakaway like the night before. Somebody missed the net and then someone else missed the puck and this Galivan fellow took the puck up ice and put it in the net somehow. I don’t mean somehow as in it was a miracle, I mean somehow as in it was at the far end of the net and I didn’t see.

MND 6 – 5 6×6 GW LL MacGregor Sharp (4) (Evan Oberg)
I didn’t even know it was Sharpy who scored the goal, I just know it went in and the goal light went on and my life was complete.

We played well at times and we played poorly at times, but don’t think that this game was 6-5 because we’re bad. The Broncos came to play and they did not let up. They made some great plays, especially their 5th I wish them ALL THE BEST in the CCHA because we need their help in the pairwise.

WE SCORED 11 GOALS THIS WEEKEND, PEOPLE. Last year, down 3-1 going into the 3rd period, I wouldn’t have had much faith (we did win 4-3 OT against Kato that one time though), but we just kept coming at them and we were RELENTLESS. Congratulations on the sweep guys! I’m so thrilled!!!!

One of my temporary roommates just said he didn’t trust someone whose teeth were too white and too chiseled, that she doesn’t eat food, she eats souls. I said I didn’t think someone who ate souls would have white teeth, but that I’d never contemplated that. He said “You should blog about that!” and here we are.

The Numbers
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 9 (STILL non-conference)
Points until we equal last season’s total: 23 (STILL ditto)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 7! (OTGWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MACGREGOR!!!!!)
Jack Connolly: 4! (JACKY SCORED A GOAL!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!!)
Michael Gergen: 2! (ANOTHER ASSIST!)
Rob Bordson: 0 (Come on, sweetie, I want to see a goal! I know you’ll do it soon.)

Mike Connolly: 6!
Jack Connolly: 4!
Scott Kishel: 0
Brady Lamb: 0
Travis Oleksuk: 0
David Grun: 0 (But played in his first game! And he’s wearing a great number, too.)

On Notice (first time I’ve had to do it all year):
Rob Bordson
Trent Palm

Goals Only
Jay Cascalenda
Michael Gergen

It’s so short! Last year my first On Notice had 7 guys and Goals Only had 2 guys. What this means is Balanced Scoring and LOTS OF IT.

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