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25 October 2008

>tUMD 3, Seawolves 4, replay -1

I don’t really have a lot to say about this game. Things did not start out well. And I’m not even talking about the 2-0 lead that we spotted the Seawolves. I’m talking about the radio feed. The Hog decided they would like to replace Bruce with Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Alvin was not coming through so well. I listened to the choppy, chirpy feed through most of the first period while trying to get the UAA television feed to stop crashing my browser and freezing my computer. I was lucky enough to hear both goal calls. I started knotting up a noose for myself.

So by the 2nd period I had Brucie back on the air and the video feed was working. However, it was not very useful. For example, we scored 4 goals in this game. I was not aware that the puck was in the net on any of them. This is because the video had a tight shot of the goaltender and I could not see the net, the goal light, or any Bulldog players celebrating. Okay no, that is a lie. I saw one goal and I about cried from its beauty. It was a play where on some teams of the past, we would have just lost the puck (and there were many of those tonight, thanks to UAA’s 5-car pile-up style of playing) but somehow Akins was in front of the net and reached out and got the puck to Fontaine and he just slammed it home. It was just so lovely. Oh Justin, you have such great hands. And you dress very nicely.

In addition to not being able to tell when a goal was scored, I was also often not able to tell where the puck was. This is because I was silly and assumed that we would be zooming in on the player who was carrying the puck. Instead we were zooming in on patches of ice, or some random defenceman not even in the play, or the UAA goalie when the puck was at center ice. I really don’t like people telling me what I should and should not be seeing in a hockey game. Or in life. Censorship is whack, yo.

Dirty watched along with me and we were IMing back and forth. Thank you, Dirty (and BB to a lesser extent) for attempting to keep me from going off the rails. I only did a little bit. Dirty kept up a steady stream of distractions like the UAA commercials and techno mexican hat dances and NCAA Basketball pool horror stories and that man that wears the question mark suits. I actually laughed at one point, and for kind of a bad reason: MEg has Stalock on her WCHA fantasy team. Sorry MEg! But Arthur Fonzarelli got 2 goals for you!!

I can’t be upset about the replay, as #1 because of the crappy camera work I could not see what actually transpired and #2 it didn’t decide the game. A game is 60 minutes and waived off goal probably only took a minute of the game to set up. There were 59 other minutes with which to get our game on and score some goals. That “goal” was supposed to be a tide-turner for us, and I have no doubt that if that goal had stood, we would have won the game. I know there was at least another goal there inside someone. But that replay just killed it. ADAM, YOU MURDERER!!!

Two people in the course of me writing this post have come on my site wondering about the disallowed goal. I DO NOT KNOW, PEOPLE. PLEASE. THIS IS VERY HARD FOR ME ALREADY. And as I stated before, the camera work was so poor that a replay probably would have shown Donald eating a hot dog in the stands. I would have screen-capped that so fast it would be all over the net. But it would not have solved the mystery of why some magical “man in the crease” was called. I am curious as to what footage was shown on that screen. Perhaps this. If only. A late-breaking report from a reliable source tells me that Fuzzy was not in the crease and there is no justification on earth for that wave-off.

I’m not really mad about the loss. I know others may say it was because of this, or possibly that, but whatever. I’m not here to blame. I am here to whine about things unrelated to the game. I was pretty furious during the game and committed violent acts toward my computer that would have been felonious had I done them to a human. But I really can’t get on here and criticize guys, My Guys or not. I’m always proud of them if they try and play hard and keep themselves in the game. We’re not going to win every game and I guess I’d rather lose on a tough road trip if we have to lose some time. I can’t stay too upset in games that I know we could have won. If we can play every game with the potential to win then we will win a lot of games.

It’s kind of late but I’ve been stalling for time trying to get the final stats on the game so I can update The Numbers. I’ll probably have a post tomorrow if I can sneak one in at school. Actually, I need to have a post tomorrow, as I have to give some motivational speeches.

Oh, and p.s.: Evan Oberg? You are a beast with the puck. So glad you are a Bulldog!!!!!!!!

The Numbers
Wins until we equal last season’s total: 9 (I really wanted to update this tonight.)
Points until we equal last season’s total: 23 (Or at least update this.)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 8! (Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’)
Jack Connolly: 4 (Tragic!)
Michael Gergen: 2 (Mathematically exciting Numbers! 2, 2^2, 2^3.)
Rob Bordson: 0 (If you had gotten a point it would be 2^0, 2^1, 2^2, 2^3.)

Mike Connolly: 7!
Jack Connolly: 4
Scott Kishel: 0
Brady Lamb: 0
Travis Oleksuk: 0
David Grun: 0

On Notice:
Rob Bordson
Trent Palm
Kyle Schmidt
Alex Stalock

Goals Only
Jay Cascalenda
Michael Gergen
Mike Montgomery

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