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>The Gauntlet: Hooked on Phonics Edition

19 November 2008


Next up to run the Gauntlet: the grammatically challenged Goon of Goon’s World.

RWD: When did you become a Sioux fan?

Goon: 1992 when I was over visiting a friend of mine that was going to school at Mayville State and we went to a Sioux game. I was hooked.

RWD: Geez. You’re like 100 years older than me and I’ve been a Bulldog fan longer than you’ve been a Sioux fan. [Almost everyone I Gauntlet is way older than me, with the exception of MEg.]

Goon: It was against NMU, MEg’s favorite team.

RWD: Were they in tWCHA then?

Goon: Yes they were in the WCHA. Living in International Falls, MN, I was actually a Bulldog fan before I was a Sioux fan. [Hockey Fandom: You’re doing it wrong.] I had a Tom Herzig Jersey. It was the mid-1980’s. [What is this, blog noir?]

RWD: And then came The Fall. [How existential of me.]

Goon: I turned to the Dark Side, as some would say, after I returned from the service. [Do people even say that anymore? I mean, non-grandparents?]

RWD: Brady Hjelle is from International Falls.

Goon: I didn’t know that, and I am not familiar with his family name.

RWD: How do you feel about our backup goalie being better than all 3 of your goalies if they were in net at the same time?

Goon: If he is better than Stalock then he is a really good goalie. [Is this a clever misdirection? Or just Goon missing the point?]

RWD: What about the Sioux? Are you a fan of them? I mean the real humans of the Sioux tribe.

Goon: I spent a lot of time at Spirit Lake when I worked as a recruiter for Job Corps, so I have met a lot of people from the Sioux nation, and yeah I am a fan. I also have known a good number of people that are of Chippewa descent.

RWD: Do you go to Spirit Lake and sit on a bench and yell “Let’s Go Sioux!” as people walk down the street and stuff?

Goon: Nah, they walk down the street like you and I and they don’t do chants like Let’s Go Sioux… [Ok, I’m pretty sure that Goon was missing the point before, because he certainly is now.]
RWD: I meant, do you cheer them on? Like, “Way to drive that car!!!”

Goon: Noooo, how silly. [Really? Ya think?]

RWD: And if someone from Wisconsin rear-ended them would you raise your arm in the air and call for a penalty?

Goon: No, I would give them the one finger salute.

RWD: Oh, you’d pull a Hakstol?

Goon: Yeah, I can’t fault Hak for giving someone the bird. It is like the Grand Forks wave. [God, sounds like GF is full of jerks.] It is quite common here. In defense of Hak, Adam was calling a horrible game and I would have done more than give him the bird; I would have been ushered out of the rink after the calls in the first two periods. I would have probably been throwing water bottles and towels and yelling really loud… [I can’t imagine what it would be like to be around someone like that.]
RWD: Is it ever not the ref’s fault? I mean, aren’t the Sioux players just sometimes hacking goons without skill? [Sometimes? What am I saying? Always!]
Goon: Well, if you listen to a few of my blogger buddies, you would think that UND are a bunch of hacks and goons and start every fight and wherever there are high penalty minutes, the Sioux are involved. [I see nothing wrong with this assessment.]
RWD: I don’t think that. I know it.

Goon: You told me that the Sioux were the kings of clutching [I changed the spelling of this… among MANY OTHER words.] and grabbing last March at the Final Five.

RWD: I am wise.

Goon: Oops clutching… I affraid to miss spell a words. See I am scared. Afraid. Sorry

RWD: I’ll edit it. [Except for that part. Now you have a taste of how hard I work for you people.]

Goon: Good.

RWD: Trust me. I can’t have this [feces] on my site. People will be impressed [with Goon’s seemingly stellar spelling].

Goon: That is part of the schtick. [God! He’d even spelled “schtick” wrong! “Stick???”]

RWD: Do you think all the ads on your site might pay for a copy editor?

Goon: Nah I haven’t got a dime. I did get 300.00 from the Ticket Liquidator and 75.00 bucks [???] from another person for putting up 8 links [What person was that? Geist the Blog Whore?], but nothing from Yard Barker yet. Versus game me a hat as well. [Noticing his error] Ah crap gave, I can’t type on my new computer.

RWD: Uh, sure. It’s the refs fault; it’s the computer’s fault. Typical UND fan. Another typical UND fan behavior is whining about the polls. Who even cares? [Seriously, they have no bearing on anything.]

Goon: I think polls are great reading in the morning when you’re eating breakfast. Then you can line the bird cage with them. Only thing is I don’t have a bird. Dog would eat it… because he is a bird dog… [Well, you could train him.]

RWD: I wish I could vote in polls. [I should vote. I am a legitimate member of the media.] I would vote so annoyingly. You would die.

Goon: I don’t want the responsibility. I don’t find you annoying; I find you to be funny and thought provoking. [There’s a first time for everything. Usually I’m just provoking.]

RWD: #1 Air Force. #2 Princeton.

Goon: That would drive me nuts. And Miami number three, right?

RWD: Your favorite team!

Goon: I actually think they are a nice story. Ryan Jones was a monster [Frankenstein or Gamera?]; I just like arguing with Redhawk from USCHO. I called him Red Hack.

RWD: You know how you feel about polls? Well, I feel that way about Sioux7. I could use him to line my cat’s litter box. [If he ever used his litter box…]

Goon: Sioux7 is my old college roommate. We emptied many of beer cans and whiskey bottles when I was in college. [That explains a lot.]

RWD: Well he is solely to blame for my Dogs’ season.

Goon: Team effort.

RWD: No. I won’t let you take the blame too. [What a gallant gesture!] ALL SIOUX7.

Goon: Um, the Gandalf the Red likes Donn’s predictions because the more he predicts wrong, the more the Badgers win. I don’t do predictions. I won’t say Sioux sweep like Dirty. Bad mojo.

RWD: Gandalf the Red lives in his mom’s basement and has an awful blog. [To be fair, he’s not the only person who sucks on it. There are other sucky people too.]

Goon: I actually like his blog he said that Stalock was a sieve. [I wonder if he understands the meaning of the word.] I don’t believe it though…

RWD: He thought that Wisconsin should have won on Friday night. Must have been some bad reception in mom’s basement. [More tinfoil for the rabbit ears next time.] Or he was distracted by his Dungeons and Dragons game.

Goon: I think they are an enigma. Connelly is not very good [but Connollys are very good!], but they played well when the BADgers played UND and they went on a run after playing the Sioux [against the WCHA powerhouses of tUMD and MTU!]. Mom’s basement, yikes… That is harsh.

RWD: Please. Lord of the Rings fan + Wisconsin loser = Basement dweller. [Like Aaron Neville, I’m tellin’ it like it is.]

Goon: I am a Harry Potter fan myself, I have never watched Lord of the Rings.

RWD: And you live above ground! Shot and a goal!

Goon: Yep, and the wind blows a lot here in God’s Country…

RWD: I thought that was Montana.

Goon: I know, Montana sucks and Minnesota blows right?

RWD: Minnesota rocks. We’ve got trees.

Goon: And we have tree belts. [What?] I like Minnesota and I would move back, but I like North Dakota.

RWD: How do you even have a deer stand in ND if you don’t have a tree to build it in?

Goon: Duck hunting… [That is not an answer.] We don’t do tree stands; we walk and push sloughs for deer. We also do some road hunting as well…

RWD: When I was driving to Houghton, I drove by a deer on the side of the road with its head cut off and a bird eating its carcass. [Glorious nature!] Do you do that? Take the heads off of roadkill deer and mount them on your wall? [I think that’s what he means by “road hunting.”]

Goon: Road Kill. There is a town on Hwy 2 on the way to the UP in Michigan that’s named Spread Eagle. [I think FHG is moving there.] That isn’t really the question, but you are right there are a lot of deer in Michigan [I don’t recall saying that] and you probably will see a lot of road kill. It is the same in ND as well. I feel that there are way too many deer in the upper Midwest. [What a civic minded man! He should have a key to the city of Grand Forks!] I have a rack I got off a deer I shot three years ago that I still haven’t hung on the wall…

RWD: I have a rack too but it’s not off no deer. [Hi Dad!] Do you think the animals you kill have souls?

Goon: A deep question. [Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it.] Yeah, I think so. I don’t see them in my sleep.

RWD: Does that mean that maybe you have no soul?

Goon: Philosophy! I didn’t know we were going to get into a deep conversation; I would have drunk a few Miller Lites in preparation. [Why? Do you crave gut rot from glorified water?] I have a soul but my wife says that I am kind of shallow. Kind of like the guy in big daddy where the kid pees on the bed and he covers it up with a news paper. I guess I have been labeled to be that guy… [WHAT?]

RWD: I… am… speechless. [Seriously. I mean, how am I supposed to respond?] MOVING ON! Let’s talk about the Sioux!

Goon: Uh oh…

RWD: I heard Vandevelde’s tearing it up! He got an empty netter against CC!

Goon: Yep into our own net. I have never seen that before. (I heard it on the radio). [Tragically not on YouTube yet!]

RWD: It happens. [Poor Nisky.]

Goon: I was a football player so I don’t know about that.

RWD: What about that guy that ran the wrong way for the Vikings?

Goon: Yep he was a Vikings player, and I was kind of young when that happened.

RWD: So it happens.

Goon: Yep.

RWD: Ryan Duncan: overrated or extremely overrated?

Goon: Duncan is awesome, not over rated. You would think the guy is an absolute hack thought.

RWD: I would think that. He also lies.

Goon: I am pretty sure Ryan is very Hobey Baker-like. [Mike Curry was robbed!] I don’t know about lying.

RWD: He said he is 5’6″.

Goon: He might not be that tall.


Goon: I am not going to measure him.

RWD: Are you going to go to Duluth this weekend?

Goon: Nope I have to work this weekend and Mrs. Goon is working overnights so I won’t be making the trip. One of my friends wanted me to go, but I don’t want to drive that far either.

RWD: It’s not on Mars. It’s not that far.

Goon: I have been down Hwy 2 to Duluth a lot lately. My boss probably wouldn’t let me take the time off. It’s 260 miles.

RWD: Why did you tell people they should go to Little Angie’s?

Goon: They have killer food. I ate there a couple of weeks ago when we took Abby [the Spawn of Goon] to the doctor. Their margaritas are awesome. [Get one in a rocks glass!] One of them will give you a great buzz.

RWD: Barf. Killer. You said it. [Little Angie’s is disgusting.]

Goon: I was impressed with your drink gauntlet.

RWD: FHG was not impressed. [Nor was he present, he was sitting on his butt in tGarden watching the Golden Chokers.]

Goon: That guy is funny.

RWD: -looking. God, I’m really mean. [I can’t write a post without taking a shot at FHG! Sorry hon!]
Goon: The whole hat thing is cool; he should paint it Green and White…

RWD: No. It has the right colors.

Goon: Maroon and Gold aren’t my colors.

RWD: Wrong emblem. Do you miss T.J. Oshie?

Goon: Yes I do, the kid was a monster player. T.J. Oshie kicked some serious [badonkadonk] while he was here. Gave his all. [All over the elevator floor!]

RWD: And you posted his dad’s “public statement.”

Goon: Yes I did. You remember that?

RWD: Yes. I rudely commented on it. [It was basically Papa Osh kissing up to all the people helping with his celebrity golf tourney thinly disguised as a “thank you” letter from “T.J.”]

Goon: Now I remember that conversation. It was last summer after Oshie signed with the Blues.

RWD: I recall. What should we expect to see this weekend? Who’s going to be in goal? [Does it even matter?]

Goon: Brad Eidsness will be in goal and I don’t know what to expect.

RWD: If you wanted to give Walski a confidence boost you could play him. [Eeee! Sorry guys! I didn’t mean it! You are awesome!! Mama loves you!!!]

Goon: I think UND is starting to get it going and actually the forwards are more talented this year. If I was the coach Walski would never touch the ice again. We do not benefit from playing a kid that is a senior when we have two freshmen that need experience. Eidsness is a way better goalie than Walski. I am sure some the ND state high school hockey homer will not like this, but that is how I feel. [First Ziggy, then Walski. ND is producing some goalies with great credentials!]

RWD: Don’t hold back now.

Goon: I call it the Walski experiment. LGM aka Amy likes it but I don’t.

RWD: I like it too. We need some goals.

Goon: I am sure you do. Heck UMD has scored more goals that UND. [Miracle of miracles.] I can’t make any predictions because I don’t know what to expect. [Cop out!] The games are on TV so I can watch them both.

RWD: How will UND win this weekend? [As if.]
Goon: They will win by making the Bulldogs pay for defensive zone break downs, solid defense and hitting and hustling.

RWD: And how will they lose? [Now we’re talkin’.]
Goon: They lose if they don’t respect the ‘Dogs. They have to hit them [very respectful] and protect the puck. Transition and stay out of the box. No selfish penalties. [How is a penalty “selfish?” I would more say “stupid.” But stupidity can’t be helped.] They must not let Stalock get comfortable and see the puck, screen the goalie and let Hextall get in the Bulldogs’ kitchen. [Make Mama a sandwich while you’re in there, honey!] If they don’t play smart they will lose.

RWD: Hextall is going to win the Hobey Baker this year.

Goon: Nope but I love the way that kid plays. [Really? A genius came on here and left that prognostication!] I told Sioux7 he was like Prpich Lite. Only with more offensive skill. [No one is more offensive than Prp.]
RWD: Bleccch. Drew Akins will wipe the ice with him. [He will jump on him and use his stick to row, row, row the Brett gently around the rink.]

Goon: I am not familiar with Drew Akins.

RWD: Are you familiar with anyone? [He’s a freaking junior!]
Goon: I have not watched your team play this season. I am familiar with teams we have played, but I haven’t had the opportunity to see the Dogs. I know your goalie is awesome.

RWD: That’s tragic. Stalock is [awesome, I mean].

Goon: Yep Alex, LGM’s favorite goalie… [Brady Lamb worked diligently to try to change her mind. With his smooth Barry White voice, I think he might have gotten through to her.] If you have some film on the Bulldogs I will watch it.

RWD: Nothing you want to see… [Restraining order #330] Speaking of that: Who is the hottest Sioux player?

Goon: On the women’s team?

RWD: Are we talking about the women’s team here? NO.

Goon: I don’t know. I don’t swing that way.

RWD: You can appreciate the attractiveness of people without being a homosexual. Like me and MEg.

Goon: Hey what people do behind closed door is fine with me as long as I don’t have to see visual evidence. I don’t know how to judge men for attractiveness. That is a loaded question that LGM asked me as well and I haven’t fallen for the trick so far… I am too quick… [It’s too easy. I won’t do it.]

RWD: It’s not a trick. It’s been a standard of the Gauntlet since its inception.

Goon: Ok, do I have to answer that question?

RWD: YES! [Why would I asked otherwise?] Ladies need to know! [I provide a public service.]

Goon: Hextall.

RWD: Let me see. [Pause while I look him up] Well, I didn’t vomit at his photo.

Goon: Wow, that’s good to know.

RWD: But he’s no Darcy Zajac. [Mmmmm]

Goon: I will take your word for it.

RWD: If you’d said Joe Finley I would have died. And you would be arrested. [For murder.]

Goon: That was my next choice.

RWD: So you think Bert from Sesame Street is good-looking?

Goon: Nope…

RWD: Because he and Joe are one and the same. Same eyebrows. Same consuming rage.

Goon: Yes I do, I have an eyebrow. No rage, I am a very happy person…

RWD: What?

Goon: vhat?

RWD: I said Bert and Joe Finley were the same. Not you and Joe Finley. Or you and Bert.

Goon: oh, miss that one. No, duh, woopppsss. [I left this in to prove a point.]

RWD: So, let’s see if you can get through one more question without a glaring error. Weekend prediction? (And you MUST make one!)

Goon: split. Sioux Friday, Dogs win Saturday.

RWD: Wow, you even managed to mess that up! DOGS SWEEP!
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  1. 19 November 2008 7:41 am

    >I said “Hextall for Hobey” Not “Hextall will win the Hobey”btw, Goon owned you in that interview.

  2. 19 November 2008 1:35 pm

    >”Yes I do, I have an eyebrow. No rage, I am a very happy person..”My eyes are bleeding from that one. Huh?

  3. 19 November 2008 2:43 pm

    >Dirty I miss understood the question I thought she was comparing me to Bert. Not everyone is as perfect as you.

  4. 19 November 2008 3:03 pm

    >Anonymous rocks my world. Anonymous for Hobey!

  5. 19 November 2008 3:32 pm

    >I heard Miss Understood got engaged recently.

  6. 19 November 2008 5:19 pm

    >Obviously very few people are as perfect as me. That’s why everyone is jealous of me. Sometimes it’s tough to be so perfect, but then I think of the little people like you and how your strive to be like me. That perks me up as being a role model is very important to me.

  7. 20 November 2008 8:54 pm

    >What do you mean “funny looking”? Oh well, at least only 2.5 people will read it…..the # that read this blog. lol With me being the .5!

  8. 20 November 2008 9:54 pm

    >It’s nice knowing that I’m the reason UMD is having a bad season. Since I have the power to ruin hockey teams let me ease your suffering. What other teams season would you like me to ruin? Just let me know and you can consider it an early Christmas gift :)Sincerely, Sioux7

  9. 20 November 2008 10:17 pm

    >Sioux7,How about 1. UND 2. UW 3. UMTC 4. SCCC?I think that would be awesome.RWD

  10. 22 November 2008 8:29 pm

    >RWD, you can officially say an Indian commented on your site and it wasn’t hostile and abusive enough.. Signed,#456 of the Pembina County Chippewa

  11. 22 November 2008 8:57 pm

    >Well then, you’re just not trying.

  12. 23 November 2008 7:06 am

    >Do you go to Duluth and sit on a bench and yell “Let’s Go Bulldogs!” as dogs walk down the street and stuff?…Dogs have feelings too.


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