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11 February 2009


There has always been some friction between paid sportswriters and bloggers, mostly because sportswriters fear for their relevance and bloggers desperately want legitimacy. RWD has stayed above the fray for the most part, as very little that I do resembles journalism. Of course that doesn’t mean that I’m not annoyed with Mr. Pates for EDITING OUT MY COMMENTS ABOUT STALOCK WHEN HE REPRINTED CISKIE’S FANHOUSE ARTICLE. But whatever. Maybe his bourgeois readers can’t handle something so freaking real. Hee!

So I was reading WCH and he linked to some paint-huffer over at the Badger Beat whining about anonymity on the internet and the mean things people say on blogs and message boards.

I don’t really care who this guy is, but I read through the comments because I was bored and curious (a dangerous combination!) and though most of them are annoying blowhards trying to use big words so that the whiny author won’t lump them in with other blog and message board commenters (jeez, talk about biting the hand that feeds you!), one comment by someone named “UnknownBadger” is just too amazing not to share with my readers.

“What gets me is the shallowness exhibited by the WSJ over the years. It’s so
willing to castrate a player for smoking pot but seemingly overlooks or at least
down plays a coach’s son for cooking a parrot.”

WHAT??? COOKING A PARROT??? People in Wisconsin are sick. It is glorious in its randomness. The commenter’s grammar kind of sucks though.

I investigated further, and it looks like Alvarez’s kid wasn’t cooking the parrot because it was tasty, but rather because he was being a petulant brat about some sort of email. And it was cooked in a microwave, not in a pot on the stove.

(To be fair to the whiner from the WSJ, some Wisconsin bloggers whined about how he’s always stealing their scoops. Whatever, dudes. You live blog games you don’t even attend.)
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  1. 11 February 2009 7:08 pm

    >Does UMD have a good recruiting class coming in?


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