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>The All-WCHA Hottie Teams

21 May 2009


There is one thing that sets RWD apart from all other college hockey blogs. No, not its utter uselessness, as there are many other useless college hockey blogs. It is the All-WCHA Hottie Awards, which are generally done in April, but due to 1. Laziness and 2. Extreme Workaholicness, here they are in May. For those of you who were in a panic, thinking they weren’t coming, fear not. I always come through for my readers… eventually.

So, here we are!

Coach: Jamie Russell****, MTU
Assistant Coach: Brett Larson, UMD
Blogger: StartTheBus of The Bus Stops Here! Still the greatest blog to ever come out of St. Cloud!

Once in awhile, there comes along a hottie so amazing that he needs singling out. After four years of dominating the All-Hottie List and the hearts of college hockey fans, he has graduated and there will be a gaping void in his place. Not only is he an amazingly hot hottie on the outside, he’s an incredibly nice person on the inside, and really, when you’re hot, you don’t have to be nice. (At least this is my excuse.) So, Robby Nolan, I am naming the First Team All-Hottie Goalie spot after you. I will miss you and your crazy sweatpants ritual before games, your blindingly white teeth, your penchant for wearing very strange clothing, your handsome face, and your kindness. Best of luck as you begin the next leg of your journey!

1st team:
F MacGregor Sharp**, UMD
F Malcolm Gwillam*, MTU
F Darcy Zajac*, UND
D Geoff Kinrade*, MTU
D David Carlisle*, SCSU
G Robby Nolan***, MTU

2nd team:
F Ryan Peckskamp**, SCSU
F Jack Connolly, UMD
F Chris VandeVelde**, UND
D JP Testwuide*, DU
D Brady Lamb, UMD
G Alex Stalock*, UMD

3rd Team:
F Michael Gergen*, UMD
F Jordan Baker*, MTU
F Matt Greer, UMD
D Kane LaFranchise*, UAA
D Drew Dobson*, MTU
G Mike Zacharias, MSUM

Freshman Team:
F Jack Connolly, UMD
F Jake Hansen, UMTC
F Justin Jokinen, MSUM
D Brady Lamb, UMD
D Nicholas Rioux, SCSU
G Lars Paulgaard, DU

* denotes two-time honoree
** denotes three-time honoree
*** denotes four-time honoree
**** denotes five-time honoree

Some notes:
CC players are missing because their roster pix are all down.
MSUM and MTU have their new rosters up, and so their seniors are missing and I had to get creative.

UMD’s website doesn’t have links to individual players, so again, creativity. Argh.
UW players are missing because they are ugly.
The freshman team was very painful to put together. Half the guys on there are just plugged in because I had to put someone. And yes, I know, Paulgaard looks insane.
5 Comments leave one →
  1. 23 May 2009 5:53 am

    >I PROTEST!! NO PODGE?!! This list sucks!!!…Although I’m okay with 3 of 6 players on the 1st team being from Tech! 🙂

  2. 26 May 2009 10:16 pm

    >Where is Andrew Carroll?

  3. 28 May 2009 3:55 am

    >I know being the arbiter of “Hottieness” is a heavy burden. Realizing that having tUMD advance to the Regional finals of the NCAAs put you behind schedule and then recovering from Miami’s victory had to be difficult. Undoubtedly large quantities of alcohol were required to get through that difficult period. Which, of course, could cause your vision to be somewhat cloudy. So I pondered the Hottie List all weekend, even on the holiday ;-). I feel obligated to suggest a few little tweaks. For instance, removing a couple of ugs from UND. Just shifting some placements after the pretenders were removed. Nothing major, primarily cosmetic. And I used great restraint and only added one skater from DU. 1st team:F MacGregor Sharp**, UMD F Malcolm Gwillam*, MTUF Ryan Peckskamp**, SCSU #D Geoff Kinrade*, MTUD JP Testwuide*, DU #G Robby Nolan***, MTU2nd team:F Mike Testwuide*, CC (After all he is JP’s little brother) $F Jack Connolly, UMD-I know Jackie is your fave, but UMD’s Rob Bordson* is far, far hotterF Brian Gifford*, DU (listed on the Frosh list when he was a Soph, but he’s been here before. Deservedly so I might add) $D Kane LaFranchise*, UAAD Brady Lamb, UMDG Alex Stalock*, UMD3rd Team:F Michael Gergen*, UMDF Podge Turnbull, UW (for MEg) $F Rob Bordson*, UMD $D Jamie McBain, UW $D Drew Dobson*, MTU (Hate to tell you this, but he reminds me of Rhett Rakhshani)G Lars Paulgaard, DU (Sophomore) #Freshman Team:F Jack Connolly, UMDF Jake Hansen, UMTCF Justin Jokinen, MSUMD Brady Lamb, UMDD Nicholas Rioux, SCSUG Brad Eidsness, UND $(# = placement change, $ = addition)And I have to say George Gwozdecky is far hotter than that Russell guy.

  4. 28 May 2009 4:40 am

    >Viz,I question your Eidsness choice. If you have Lars on the 3rd team, you can also have him on the Freshman team. If he’s on the 3rd team, and Eids isn’t ahead of him on the first or second team, then I would think he’d supercede Eids on the freshman team.I know I had Mike on there before, but without pix from ANY CC players, I was like “Forget it, they’re DQ’d.”Jamie is still my #1 man. I notice you didn’t pick DU’s assistant coach over my pick… hehehehe.My feelings on Bordo have changed a bit this year.

  5. 28 May 2009 7:05 pm

    >Okay, here’s the deal…DU reports Lars as a sophomore. He had to sit a year because of immigration or some such nonsense. I know in the past DU has reported the year in school, not necessarily the year in eligibility. But it is fine with me to have him on both the 3rd team and the Frosh team.Since cc is disqualified, which is fine with me because we all know,”CC Sucks.”:How about Blake Geoffrion from UW.And if you say Bordo has fallen from your good graces, then by all means, he does not deserve this honor. After all, pretty is as pretty does, ergo Hottie is as Hottie does. Besides there got to be some pretty blond boy from UMTC who would jump at the chance to make the list.( Admittedly,I do have a preference for blonds.)And speaking of coaches, George is Hot, the assistants are NOT, NOT!! (Actually one of them is a little creepy looking.)


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