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>What Dreams May Come

14 June 2009


Hola amigos, I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but hey, hockey’s over. Well, now it’s officially over as the Penguins have won the Stanley Cup, about which I did not really care. I watched the BU championship and then didn’t watch any hockey until I kind of watched Game Seven.

First of all, this has nothing to do with the post forthcoming, but holy crap, I am a genius. I forgot that I had written this in February:

In three weeks, when the dust has settled, I don’t want to be picking through the wreckage of a season that could have been, eating crow for writing posts like this. Please, please, please, throw your girl a bone here (triple entendre, anyone?) and give me, along with the city of Duluth and the worldwide Bulldog nation, something positive to take away from this season other than “It’s equal to or slightly better than last year.” I know you guys have it in you; seniors, you know what it was like to be on a team heading nowhere at an all-out run and then turn it into a playoff upset and a Final Five appearance. This year’s team is going somewhere at a trot or possibly a canter, and I would like to see something fun. A couple of wins at the X. A couple of wins at Mariucci in February… and then a couple more in March. I don’t know. Get creative. Okay? Thanks.

Wow, damn, do I love these guys even more. Begging works! Unless you’re trying to get someone to take you back.

Let’s talk about the impending season of doom. I think about Bulldog hockey probably more often than is healthy in the off-season (partially because my co-workers discovered RWD and enjoy making fun of my zealotry) and the other night I was dreaming about it. Specifically about Brady Hjelle. Don’t worry, sweetie, you were clothed. Anyway, I was dreaming about a game and somehow Brady kept making these UNBELIEVABLE saves. That is really the extent of the dream that I remember, although I am fairly certain this is not a dream, but a premonition.

+Mikey Seidel bringing his unique brand of mischievous hockey to tUMD.
+RWD correspondents from all over attending games (ahem, Tracy and Dawn).
+SSPW, part III.
+This year’s sophomore class.
+Another set of players who have the same last name (though different spellings), play the same position, and I hope will have similar numbers.
+David Grun keeping #27 and getting his first collegiate goal on Oct 27th when I turn 27.
+Fonzie having a monster year.
+Playing at Tech for Winter Carnival!
+Road trippin’! Mankato, St. Cloud, Houghton, and of course Duluth.
+Rohlik didn’t go to UNO.

-Trying to make it through this season with 1. good grades 2. my job and 3. many games attended.
-Whether we’ll have enough experience on the blue line.
-80s mall bangs (in general).
-The DU Pioneers.
-Not finishing in the top 5 in the WCHA (again) and not making the Final Five.
-Special teams.
-Drinking way too much on the Drunk Hockey Walk.
-Trying to pick who My Guys will be.
-Dan Delisle panning out as well as Mike Curry.

~Bruce on the airwaves. Although I do enjoy sitting with him and the fam at games, especially when he’s in one of his moods.
~MacGregor Sharp. I practically hyperventilated the other day realizing he’d no longer be on the ice for the ‘Dogs.
~The road trippin’ dads. Two dads had kids graduate. But… maybe they’ll still come on the road?
~Inebriated Mike. One of my favorite people with whom to attend a game. Now who am I going to clutch in panic when games get stressful?
~Being Christine’s stats slut, though I know she’s still going to come to games.
~The incredible senior leadership we were so fortunate to have.

Lastly, in case you rely solely on RWD for your UMD Bulldog Hockey news (which is inadvisable), here’s the fresh meat for 2009-2010:

F Mike Seidel
F Dan Delisle
F Keegan Flaherty
F Jake Hendrickson
D Drew Olson
D Dylan Olsen
D Wade Bergman
G Aaron Crandall

5 Comments leave one →
  1. 16 June 2009 1:52 am

    >You may leave your comment again if you clean up your language.

  2. 16 June 2009 2:39 pm

    >You may be losing party dads, but you will be gaining a party twin- Anthony Siedel. And it is not a dream, Opie, umm, Brady will be making amazing saves all season long. Rob Bordson will have a hat trick and David Grun will get a goal opening night.

  3. 16 June 2009 5:07 pm

    >It seems to me one or both of the Olsen/Olson twins should be one of your guys. I couldn't find a picture of Drew, but Dylan has sort of a tough "Opie-esque" quality.Going along with the twins discussion,that would put Mike Seidel on your list.(I always felt that MCon was hurt by his exclusion from the "My Guys" list.) MacGregor Sharp, MacGregor Sharp, MacGregor Sharp……………How dare he graduate and leave such a void.:-(I have a great idea! Big Joe and the Goal Czar (Colborne and Salazar) on The My Guys list. PIONEER POWER!

  4. 16 June 2009 8:10 pm

    >Dear Ms. "Anonymous,"I noticed you did not mention whether or not you would be ATTENDING any games. You HAVE to come for the series opener. Preferrably with the party twins.Viz,Generally freshmen are not "My Guys" unless I feel a certain bond, like with Jacky. MCON and I just didn't click the same way… though he still scored a lot. Will there ever be another MacGregor Sharp? Stay tuned for some more MacG S posts… Also, though I have my own Guys on other teams (like Robby and Benny from Tech), they don't get their own list.

  5. 17 June 2009 4:59 pm

    >Of course I will bring the twin. And of course I will be up for a game- or two- or……..


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