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27 August 2009


UMD announced today that Drew Akins will be the 2009-2010 captain, with alternate captains Mike Montgomery and Jordan Fulton.

SO excited for Drew! As you all know (because you follow religiously every word I write), back in June I got the odds, straight from Vegas, on UMD’s captaincy.

Drew Akins – 1:1
Drew’s pretty a shoo-in for some sort of leadership role, and I’m pretty sure it would be the C. Drew stands up for his teammates, which sometimes gets him in a little bit of trouble, but at least he doesn’t have rage blackouts like Zach Jones or attack mascots like Joe Finley; he regains control easily. He’s won the heart of MeanEgirl, and a whole slew of creeps at USCHO can attest that is no easy task.

Jordan Fulton – 18:1
Jordy’s a senior, which certainly gives him an advantage, but I’m not sure. Rumors swirling that he might bolt for Calgary early have so far been incorrect, but they might affect the locker room’s vote.

Mike Montgomery – 50:1
Monty crossed over from foward to defenceman seamlessly, showing he was willing to do what the team needed. If he continues to show the defensive prowess he had last season, he’ll take on a leadership role as a senior. This year? I doubt it.

So, folks who bet on Monkey certainly cleaned up. And uh, I guess if you bet on Fonzie, sorry. Now pay up or I will break your thumbs.

Congratulations to all three. Work the guys hard during Captain’s Practice, set the tone for the season and teach them what it means to be a Bulldog. You learned from some of the best we’ve ever seen.
And remember, guys, you don’t have to wear a letter to lead. MacGregor Sharp says so.
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