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>The Second Coming of #4

27 August 2009


This is sort of cheating, because Vizoroo told me I should do it, but 40 days, people. 40 posts. I don’t even do that during the REGULAR season. Don’t get used to it.

Western College Hockey listed Dylan Olsen as the #1 incoming player in the West. Which means overall, in case you were unaware.

This is, of course, meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it is really exciting to have a high-profile player coming to the team. (No pressure or anything though, honey! Just play your best! I know you can do it!) If only Obi had stayed another year. The defence is going to be… interesting this year.

The best part about this article is the comments. I love comments! One of my favorite things in the world is to read the comments on FoxSports. In an article about that soccer guy who choked on a piece of gum, people discussed 1. the Oakland Raiders’ violent fans, 2. Dungeons and Dragons, and 3. racism. And there was an insult to the Red Sox. You can not read an article about ANY type of sports without a Yankees or Red Sox mention. It is not possible.

Anyway, college hockey comments are not quite as amazing, but this article has a gem. Of course, the first comment is genius. But the second is some idiot who is all NICK LEDDY!!!!11!!11!!!1 He was drafted higher! By the Wild!!! Who make great choices in the first round! Zach Budish is better 2 bcuz Edina is the best, yo! Go GOPHERZZZZZZ!! Spin your head!!!!

Ok, I’m paraphrasing. Ciskie, Goon, Rabib (really?), another Gopher fan, and someone named 20Forever who I can only assume is a big Andrew Carroll fan all essentially shoot this guy down, but it was pretty hilarious.

(Once Nick Leddy comes to the Wild, I’ll love him, I’m sure. The sooner the better! But really, he needs to eat some sandwiches before he’ll become effective.)

Also, I think we’ve finally solidified that Alex Stalock >>>>>>> Jase Weslosky. If WCHA goaltending champion, first team All-American, and Final Five MVP didn’t convince you, then maybe staying academically eligible might.

Edit: I was checking for more weird search engine hits and found “dylan olsen not happy at umd.” Medicine Hat Tiger fan Dude, at least wait for the season to start.
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  1. 28 August 2009 12:06 am

    >RWD, so glad to see you follow such sage advice. He is still part of the Olsen/Olson twins in my mind. ;-} ;-} Aren't you glad #4 has found a worthy home for the season?


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