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10 September 2009


No, not the Britney Spears perfume. WCHA FANTASY HOCKEY.

MEg has roped me into sharing her team this year (because I am largely responsible for two of her best pics last year: Stalock and Fonzie; and also because she has to miss the draft. I’m being used), and I’m doing a LOT of research. And because I am such a kind and loving person, I’m going to give my fellow “owners” some of my, um, best tips. Come now, let’s all bask in the glow of my vast knowledge of college hockey.

Starting goalie: Bryce Christianson, UAA
With UAA blogger Donald predicting a top-5 finish for the Seawolves this year, a great pick for those middle-of-the-round drafters would be UAA’s probable starting goalie. Donald’s predictions are usually pretty accurate, with a margin of error of only 4 or 5 places.

Freshman superstar: Ben Hanowski, SCSU
Minnesota high school stud Ben Hanowski is lacing up for the Bad Huskies this year. His Little Falls coach had pretty much one play in his playbook: give the puck to Ben. Why would Bob Motzko deviate from something that worked so well? I’m sure Ben would be happy to play 55 minutes a night.

Defensive hotshot: Ricky Doriott, MTU
Look for a break-out season from Michigan Tech’s own Ricky Dorito. Er, Doriott. He’s a fast skater, well-conditioned, and is one of the brilliant minds on the forefront of experimental physics.

Offensive breakout: Mike Dorr, UMD traitor UMTC benchwarmer MSUM student-nonathlete
Oops. Save that pick til next year…

Hope that helps you make your picks, Weldie!

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