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>Dos and Don’ts

11 September 2009

>Roster pix are up!!

It’s like getting the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is for men. Kind of. Not really.

I’m sorry, but UMD’s site doesn’t let me link to the pix, which is very unfortunate.

DO: look much more grown up than last year. (Brady Hjelle)

DON’T: get rid of your awesome facial hair! (Brady Lamb)

DO: wear stylin’ pinstripes. (a lot of guys)

DON’T: have a crooked tie/shirt collar. (Jordan Fulton and Brady Hjelle)

DO: wear a pink tie and a big smile! (David Grun)

DON’T: wear exactly the same thing as Rob Bordson. (Jake Hendrickson)

DO: get a haircut so that I can’t graft your hair onto anyone else’s head. (Mike Connolly)

DON’T: refuse to cut your hair even when the team has awesome mohawks. (Mike Montgomery)

DO: make your hair at least slightly less peroxide-brassy. (Rob Bordson)

DON’T: have frosted tips. You are not Ryan Seacrest. (Justin Fontaine)

DO: use an appropriate amount of hair gel. (Drew Olson)

DON’T: let your mom cut your bangs over the kitchen sink!!! (Jack Connolly)

DO: get a nice hunky summer tan. (Chad Huttel and Scott Kishel)

DON’T: use tanning oil to slick your hair straight back. (Dylan Olsen)

DO: smile and show your cutie dimples. (Kyle Schmidt)

DON’T: look so sad! (Dan Delisle)

DO: be a majorly hot hottie. (Mike Seidel)

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