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22 September 2009


The advent of The Numbers was first of all to track who had been sucking lately. If people sucked enough, they got On Notice. And it was also to track how My Guys were doing. But the best thing about the recurring feature is on those days when I’m too tired/drunk/paralyzed with rage to post, there’s something to put up.

This year I’m going to expand upon the Numbers, as well as have a box in the sidebar for them. Maybe.

Here’s what’s the same:
1. Wins/points until we surpass last season’s total
2. My Guys competition
3. Freshman competition
4. On Notice

Here’s what’s new:
1. Connolly vs. Connolly, points-wise
2. Olsen vs. Olson, points wise
3. Drew vs. Drew, penalty minutes-wise

Some of these might be a little unfair (please, Drew has made an office out of the penalty box. He sharpens pencils for the scorekeeper and has an I Heart My Yorkie coffee mug and a framed photo of MEg in there.) but it’s kind of fun that there are so many repeated names. I can pretty much assume the next recruit UMD signs is also going to be named Brady Hjelle. But he’ll be a centre.

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  1. 23 September 2009 9:49 pm

    >RWD, how is someone relegated to the on notice list? And can they ever be moved up to the My Guys list?

  2. 23 September 2009 11:04 pm

    >Guys get On Notice if they have not had a point in 4 games. They are also On Notice for Goals Only if they have not scored a goal in 4 games but have had assists in that time period.Anyone can move to My Guys if they just… have that certain something. For example, MacGregor Sharp was Your Guy. You can be My Guy and also On Notice.Clearly, you can move out of being one of My Guys, too…


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