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>Oh What a Night!

7 November 2009


tUMD 4, Fanless Wonders 3

From the way this game ended, the intensity and the excitement, one would think this game had been played in March. Or April, almost. I’m still in my jersey and I probably didn’t stop shaking for about 10 minutes after the game. I am listening to CMT radio on Rhapsody right now to try to mellow out. MeanEgirl just died a little inside upon reading this. If she still reads RWD. I consider this a test. Although it’s a stupid test because I know Biddco still reads it and will tell her. But Biddco likes to be mentioned on RWD. So everyone wins.

In case you are unaware, UMD has a really really really really really really really long winless-on-Friday-nights-in-league-play-on-the-road streak. Or history. Or something. It’s not actually a streak, but it is an unpleasant trend over the last several years.

I hope this is the start of something new.

I’m going to make a call right here and say that it is.

Can I just say how insanely in love I am with this team right now? I mean, not romantically. Platonically. And as a whole, not as individuals, so please, no need for legal actions. But who wouldn’t be? Seriously. They have found so many different ways to win a hockey game. Come-from-behind, lead-all-the-way, and now regain-the-lead. How about HUGE BLOWOUT tomorrow? I would not object.

The second period… could just be forgotten. Erased from existence.

That was fun! Anyway. Why dwell on the negatives? That is Sandy’s job! I do this for free! I want to be duckies and bunnies!

I missed the first goal, as I worked. If you follow me on Twitter, or simply look at the Twitter box in the sidebar on the left, you can see that I rejoiced in the late start time as it meant I could work more overtime. I have switched from alcohol to workohol, it seems. So I got home just in time for the goal to be scored. I did see Mike Seidel’s goal, though, and celebrated. I didn’t even get too angry when CC scored.

Ok, then things happened. Remember: erased from existence. A penalty shot occurred but it actually HAS been erased from existence, at least on the stat sheet. A save was made on it. By Kenny Reiter.

An avid RWD reader asked me via text today, and if you don’t mind, I will present the transcript here.

Avid RWD Reader: Think we can win 2 nite
RWD: F*** yeah, oleksuk power!!!!

I’m a genius. Oleksuk got his first goal as a Bulldog tonight! The first of about 10 million! Even though a stupid jerk on CC tried to take out his knee! I will take out YOUR knee, CC jerk, Jeff Gillooly style! Or maybe not. Ole wasn’t hurt so I can be calm. Just under five minutes later, a person took a penalty for CC. I looked down at my computer screen, and I looked up and there was brief hugging and then STATIONARY TIGER HEAD (who assassinated FLOATING TIGER HEAD in a military coup) appeared and then the audio caught up and Kyle Schmidt had scored!!!! OMFGWTFBANANABBQ!!!1!!1! (Speaking of long strings of letters, the stat sheet has that goal as EA DP GW LL. It would have been neat to also add SH and HT)

Then Kishel got a hooking penalty and I died a little and then Fults got a cross-checking penalty and I died a lot. It meant UMD would spent over a minute killing a 5 on 3, and the remainder of the game on the penalty kill. And oh, the stress. And then the added stress as Coach Owens believed that an empty net was preferable to sieve Joe Howe, so it was 6 on 3. DA texted me and referred to the situation as “exciting.” I pulled large chunks of hair out of my head. We all react differently.

However, it was not really 6 on 3, as recently drafted defenceman “Pipe” decided to get into the game. Since the referees did not notice him, we were not called for a too many men penalty, and he proved invaluable in the UMD win. Scott “Chuck Yeager” Kishel also broke the sound barrier getting out of the penalty box and into the fray as his penalty expired. I was staring at the television with my eyes bugging out of my head like the old man getting hooked in the “PENALTY” graphic at the DECC, and somehow UMD kill both penalties AND the game and I had a grand mal seizure.


Wins until we reach last season’s total: 7! (Briefly in 1st place til DU won!)
Points until we reach last season’s total: 20! (Yes!!!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 15! (And somehow named first star of the game!?)
Brady Lamb: 4! (Another power play goal!)
Mike Seidel: 2! (Two game point streak!!!)

Dylan Olsen: 4! (Family in attendance! Need to get goal tomorrow!)
Mike Seidel: 2!
Wade Bergman: 1
Dan Delisle: 1
Keegan Flaherty: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 15!
Mikey: 7

Drew: 1
Dylan: 4!

Olson: 6
Akins: 6
(This is so weird! The Drews are staying out of the box!)

On Notice
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
David Grun
Jake Hendrickson
Chad Huttel

Goals Only
Cody Danberg
Jordan Fulton
Mike Montgomery
Dylan Olsen
Drew Olson

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