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>It Was a Good Day

8 November 2009


tUMD 2, Lucky Sons-of-you-know-whats 6

Yo. We have to keep it real up in this piece. Check ourselves prior to wrecking ourselves.

I’m feeling like ripping off a rapper tonight. Let’s do this. The video has naughty words. Just sayin’.

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
Big win from the ‘Dogs, no smog
Got a lotta folks surfin’ to my blog
I got my work on, but didn’t stay long
Finally game time for the Bulldogs, gotta play strong
Hooked my plasma TV up to the B2
Got the home team call radio feed too
Game time is soon, countin’ down to the clock stop
The centermen get set, time to take the puck drop
Huttel in the box for a trip
Didn’t have to touch the guy, made himself flip
And everything is alright
Campion and Beaurline have got our backs all night
CC gets on the board from Mike Testwuide
Then in the box again, try to make ’em bleed
Get out the first only down by one
But we won on Friday, this is just for fun
Don’t matter how we play on Saturday
Still in the game, today was a good day

In the second got a goal by Schmidt
Didn’t even need the refs to go review it
Fans boo because the goal judge turned on the light
But CC high sticked and the Dogs gotta fight
Call’s even, Hjelle gets roughing but of course he’s not leavin’
Time to play Don’t Stop Believin’
Give up a couple more goals, they got us runnin ’round
Knock em down on the ground
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Pair off with a couple of Tigers and watch us break em
Get the face, face-washin’, face-maskin’
Penalties even and we play the game awhile five on five
Because no more Tigers had to take a dive
Prosser froze the puck in the crease, but they let us play
Today was a good day

Third period starts up
Power play got nothin’ so we don’t miss the puck luck
Ref has his say, Lowery hits Akins on a breakaway
But he might not have scored anyway
So he puts both Drews in the box
CC gets a lucky shot, Dylan Olsen walks
Another penalty, penalty, penalty
Just after one gets free
Mike Seidel gets a goal
but we’re running out of time to dig outta this hole.
Huttel goes crazy to get a spark
Probably gonna leave a mark, kicked him outta the park
But he’s not banned for the next game
And the other guy got two minutes of blame
Refs ask Olsen and Akins to leave
Though it’s for the best, we’re our own worst enemies.
Campion gives us a few tweets
Power plays even up on the stats sheet
End the game with a hooking call on Deboer,
Thanks guys, but I don’t think we need it anymore.
We never got started it’s too late now,
We’re gonna need those favors another day, anyhow.
Didn’t even need the refs’ help to throw the game away.
I got to say it was a good day.

Numbers tomorrow. Or something. Word to your mother.

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  1. 8 November 2009 4:58 pm

    >Saturday Night Fever–wasn't a good thing for Duluth or Denver.


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