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17 January 2010


tUMD 4, Blue Earth County Penal League All-Stars 3 (OT)

Well, it’s later than late and I’ve had a long day, but of course I was dumb and decided it would be good to allow my wild and spastic rantings to be broadcast over the airwaves (AND Interwebs!!) and thus should probably have something going on here before I go to bed.

So, for those of you who are here because of the whole radio thing, hello, how are you? I am pleased to meet you. Please be advised that the best of RWD is not found in the game recaps. Don’t judge too harshly. Also, for those of you who are here wondering whether TJ Oshie has a girlfriend (and there are so many of you! Why?), I can not help you, I am truly sorry.

I… don’t know. Really. Mankato plays a style of hockey that makes it very difficult for tUMD to play their style of hockey. So it was not really the best of times. It wasn’t the worst of times, either, but… well, there’s a lot to discuss.

The first period wasn’t that fabulous. Mankato set the tone as usual. They seem confused about some of the rules of the game. Gentlemen: making contact to the head a “point of emphasis” does not mean the league wants you to do more of it. THEY WANT YOU TO STOP, YOU IDIOTS! Lots of things happened but by comparison the first period was boring. I have forgotten it mostly. BECAUSE THE GAME WAS ALMOST THREE HOURS. Zach Harrison took a checking from behind penalty in the final minute of the game and was ejected from the game. Because I am unkind, I stood up and waved. He hit my Jacky. That makes me hate him more. I did not see the hit as it was along the boards (duh) on the same side of the ice as I was. tUMD went into the locker room knowing they had 4 1/2 minutes of power play free-for-all smorgasbord bonanza.

The second period was much better! I do not understand how tUMD can be so fantastic in the 2nd period after being so terrible in the 2nd period during the first half. Brady Lamb scored 31 seconds into the period and we were back to even. I am stupid and did not start him in my fantasy league. That was the only goal on the power play. Then Rob Bordson scored to make it 2-1. Again, I am stupid because I did not start him in my fantasy league.

About 5 minutes after Bordo’s goal, Kael Mouillierat (Mall Rat) viciously elbowed Scott Kishel in the head. Do not be fooled by Bruce Ciskie’s commentary. This was not a clean or legal hit. It happened right in front of me. And I am a Great Hockey Mind. Scott was lying on the ice motionless for quite some time. It was scary. No, the referee did not signal a penalty right away. But really, if the league will allow this “intent to blow” b.s. they can certainly allow “intent to call.” This was the first exceptionally long delay of the game as it took awhile to figure out what they were going to do, and then they explained it to Sandy, and then to Jutting, and anyone who has watched a Mankato hockey game knows that Jutting does not know when to STFU. He complained for so long that Kishel had time to recover and was back on the ice after missing only a few shifts. Mall Rat received a game disqualification for that hit, which means he will be suspended for a game. Justin Fontaine scored on the ensuing power play free-for-all smorgasbord bonanza, but again, they were only able to get one goal out of it.

A minute and a half after Fonzarelli’s goal, some things occurred. I was sitting in probably the worst place in the entire rink for seeing these things, so I can’t describe it. I saw some shoving and things, and then the refs came over, and suddenly someone shoved David Grun from behind and then we had ourselves a hoedown. SOMEHOW, and I really can’t imagine how, and I have a very vivid imagination so that is saying something, tUMD ended up short two players. Also, somehow, and this is even more unfathomable, Drew Akins was involved in these things and was escorted to the penalty box (all the while motioning for the Maverick player to bring it on), and then was allowed to leave and did not receive a penalty. I am unsure why. That was fine. That was the only thing that was fine. Deciding to give Mankato this unwarranted and undeserved 5 on 3 took an annoyingly long time. For some reason Jutting decided he wanted to whine about that, too. There’s no such thing as a 5 on 2, Jutting. Just shut up. I told him so. Mankato scored once on the power play while on the 2-player advantage.

The 3rd period began oddly as Jack Connolly ended up riding a Maverick. He did not stay on for 8 seconds and thus did not receive a golden belt buckle. The rest of the period was pretty disjointed. tUMD did not carry the play for any length of time. There were some bad line changes. (Ok, all game there were bad line changes.) And they let Mankato tie it up with 18 seconds to go. It was… preventable. We’ll just say that. But OF COURSE the game would go to overtime. It wasn’t long enough!

Overtime seemed like an extension of the 3rd period with its choppy play, and then MCON was all alone with the puck and put it just under the crossbar RIGHT in front of the tUMD fans and we FREAKED out. I was confused and at first thought it was Jacky, but WHO FREAKING CARES, THEY WON IN OVERTIME, OMFGBBQ!!!!!!!!!

God it’s even later than later than late. Enough of this. Big day tomorrow. Skol Vikings!

Wins until we reach last season’s total: -2! (Eee!!)
Points until we reach last season’s total: 2! (Look out Wisconsin, we’re coming to collect!!!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 35!
Brady Lamb: 14!
Mike Seidel: 8

Dylan Olsen: 10
Mike Seidel: 8
Wade Bergman: 2
Keegan Flaherty: 2
Dan Delisle: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 35!
Mikey: 26!!!!

Drew: 1
Dylan: 10

Olson: 10
Akins: 30

On Notice
Cody Danberg
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
Jordan Fulton
Chad Huttel
Drew Olson

Goals Only
Scott Kishel
Mike Montgomery
Travis Oleksuk
Mike Seidel

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  1. 18 January 2010 4:56 pm

    >'Blue Earth County Penal League All-Stars'!!AWESOME!


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