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1 February 2010


tUMD 4, Red Menace Zippity-doo-dah Zippity-ay!

Folks, that’s what a WIN looks like! I’d almost forgotten. I guess all the sandbagging I did over on USCHO and on Twitter worked miracles.

Speaking of USCHO, I’m quitting cold turkey! Yeah!

Sandy switched up the lines last night, which was interesting. Connollys were still together, but with rising star David Grun! Then Fontaine was on with Akins and Fulton. I am wondering if that will continue or if the BI-MON-SCI-FI-CON line will be back together again.

tUMD chased UW starting goalie Brett Bennett after tUMD’s 2nd goal (by Brady Lamb). Somehow he got credited with a save, which I dislike. 2 shots 2 goals sounds so much better! He’s no Kenny Reiter, that’s for sure.

Oh, I am happy. So happy with last night’s game. It was just what I needed to get excited about posting again. I was kind of dragging a bit. I got so used to writing about wins and things that this little bitty losing streak was getting me down. Heck, we went THREE HOME GAMES without SCORING A GOAL just two season ago. And I lived through that still posting.

Fun stuff coming up this week! Or, at least, I think so… I should have some photos of the throwback jerseys once MEg uploads them.

Wins until we reach last season’s total: Done!
Points until we reach last season’s total: Done and done!!!!

My Guys (GREAT game for them!!!)
Jack Connolly: 38!!!!!
Brady Lamb: 15!!!!!
Mike Seidel: 10!!!!!

Dylan Olsen: 11
Mike Seidel: 10!
Wade Bergman: 4!
Keegan Flaherty: 2
Dan Delisle: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 38!
Mikey: 29!

Drew: 1
Dylan: 11

Olson: 10
Akins: 47

On Notice
Cody Danberg
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
Scott Kishel
Drew Olson

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Mike Montgomery
Dylan Olsen

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  1. 1 February 2010 4:51 pm

    >vizoroo asks how can you quit? It's 3rd person speak for tUMD vs Tech Winter Carnival Week.

  2. 2 February 2010 10:07 pm

    >You need to update your numbers on the side of the page – UMDsimmerdown


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