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>Mike Seidel Travel Advisory: Duluth #1

15 October 2010


Hi folks, it’s Mike Seidel here with your weekend weather report. This weekend, the Bulldogs are at home, so the team won’t have to travel, but you might!

It’ll be quite a bit cooler than last weekend here in the Northland. Friday we’re looking at a high of 56 and mostly sunny skies. If you’re driving right back down again, like RWD & co, you should see an overnight low of 45 and a very slight chance of rain. Providence has less of a chance of winning than we have of getting rain. Uh-oh there, folks, I might have jinxed us there! Heh heh heh.

Saturday afternoon is UMD football’s homecoming game, and it looks like the weather will be nice, if a little brisk. It should warm up to the mid-50s and you should see some sunshine, but dress warmly and bring a blanket. Or dress with no shirt and paint your chest maroon and gold. Saturday night it’ll get down in the low 40s, and Sunday it should be sunny and in the high 50s for the drive home.

All right folks, that’s your weather for this evening, hope to see you all out there at the DECC for our first home game of the season, dontcha know?

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