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Even the Losers Get Lucky Sometimes

21 September 2011

Hello, everyone! The season is almost here! Glory hallelujah!

I’d better get blogging I guess. Sorry if you see ads on this site. I’m not very happy about it, but I also don’t want to pay $29.97 per year to WordPress for the privilege of not generating revenue for them.

I am often reminded by sad, bitter, jealous Luftwaffe fans about how they beat us 5-0 to open our arena. That is very true. We’re also raising a banner on October 7th, and they can’t even enjoy their successful season.

So here’s to the losses! Here’s to the character-building, hair-tearing-out, garment-rending, breast-beating defeats! How else would we have gotten to the big win, the one that counts, the one that finally, finally got this team a national championship? The Bulldogs faced adversity along the way: bad losses; the mid-season departure of a star defenceman; the serious illness of their friend and equipment manager; Jon Campion; negativity from the opponents, media, fans, even from me; injuries to key players; a coaching change… I don’t think I need to continue here.

Here we are, on the cusp of the season, and THE UMD BULLDOGS ARE THE DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. Fancy that.

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