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On the Pulse of the Season

2 October 2011 (Ok, hm, that didn’t work. Meh.)

Yes, yes, I’m still blogging. I hope you’ve found your way over here from the old site.

So, we are the defending national champions. Next week UMD will be showing off their very first banner against one of the opponents we slaughtered along the way: Notre Dame. I’m very excited.

No Mike Connolly, no Justin Fontaine. No Mike Montgomery, no Kyle Schmidt, no Trent Palm, no Chad Huttel. Justin Faulk will likely make the NHL with the Carolina Hurricanes.

Who cares? We’ll repeat our national championship just the same. Starting with the Overage Terrible Canadians from Thunder Bay, all the way up to whatever ragged band of sad sacks we meet in the title game in Florida. Wooo!

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