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And Away We Go!

3 October 2011

tUMD 5, Ontario Penal League B-Team 1

Well, we won, which is more than our 2011 national championship game opponent can say!

Perhaps you noticed it was a little quiet in the rink last night. I didn’t go to the game (nor did DHG) so there wasn’t anyone to shout at people. Instead I had a little soiree with family and friends and watched the national championship game again followed by the exhibition game. Incidentally, my dad and my brother had never seen the part where Grun yells “Schmitty, you f***er!” and they both burst out laughing. I’m sure Kyle’s Norwegian team will be saying that a lot this year.

Look who made the front page of the Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal:

Thanks so much to my friend Lucas for the photo! One day in Canada I hope they will have the technology to put their newspapers on the interwebs. Also, this image is giant. Sorry but I am too lazy to re-size it.

So the game started out with a Jack Connolly!!!! goal, just the way it should be. Somehow Lakehead managed to get a puck past Kenny while My Jacky was getting out of the penalty box. IMPOSSIBLE that he would ever take a penalty. IDIOT referees. One Joe Basaraba, budding superstar, got a goal near the end of the period.

In the second period, Travis Oleksuk decided he couldn’t let some OTHER kid from Ontario steal the show, and scored a power play goal (assisted by My Jacky and Scott Kishel), followed by another one in the beginning of the third period. Adam Krause finished off the scoring with a very strange whiff/goal.

I can’t really tell what happened because I wasn’t there, but these freshmen are… not to be underestimated. Chris “Fidel” Casto is quite a beast. Derik Johnson seemed right at home; as Bruce says “We didn’t say his name a lot, which is a good thing.” Sounds like his dad will be on hand for the season opener. I also heard complimentary things about Crandall, Jr. Our freshmen may not be as flashy as some other teams’ players, but they are solid, hard-working kids who already know what Bulldog Pride means.

My friend Chad did a little blogger poll this year. You can find the results on his site. I can’t remember how I voted, but I voted UMD to win the league, I had the same All-WCHA team except I voted for Steven Seigo from MTU instead of Ben Blood. I voted Zucker for player of the year, Rocco “Misogynist” Grimaldi for rookie of the year, Justin Schultz for defenceman of the year, and Mike Seidel for breakout player of the year. The pollsters voted UMD 5th (WRONG), Jack Connolly for the All-WCHA team (CORRECT), and JT Brown tied for break-out player of the year, which is confusing since he kicked so much butt as a freshman already, but maybe he will get 100 points or something.

Well, the season is afoot, the Dogs have a win (unofficially), and in the next few days I will have some VERY EXCITED RWD-RELATED NEWS.

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  1. vizoroo permalink
    4 October 2011 11:05 am

    Glad to see your back AND had the good sense to vote for Zucker!


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