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Mea Culpa

19 November 2011

I didn’t realize it had been over two weeks since I had posted here! I’m sorry, folks. There won’t be any of that anymore, because my tenure with the Northland News Center is over.

I don’t really know why, but I suspect it has to do with some of the things I’ve said on the blog. And no, not swear words, just things you’d never read from a sportswriter’s column. Things you all as readers are used to me saying, silly things like making fun of Troy Jutting for all his whining and complaining, or off-color jokes like when I said UMD took the Denver game by the throat, Chris Cook-style, but of course news outlets have to say things like “allegedly Chris Cook-style” and I don’t do that.

Ultimately, I suspect what it comes down to is, they sent a blogger to do a journalist’s job. Maybe I’m way off base and they just decided they weren’t going to have any blogs at all, or maybe they didn’t like that I used bad words on Twitter and my public “brand” as they say now was a little bit too controversial, or maybe they just didn’t go through the proper channels before they hired me and it was some technical glitch. I don’t know, I don’t really care, I was grateful for the opportunity and if it didn’t work out, it didn’t work out. I do feel badly for neglecting this blog because I’ve been so wrapped up in other things that I’ve only posted on there, because I was contractually obligated to do that. I was careful when I signed up to make sure there wouldn’t be any negative impacts to my site, and there weren’t, other than my own laziness.

So, I’ve probably made things harder for future bloggers hoping to jump into mainstream media, but oh well. That’s really never been my intention but I thought it would be a neat opportunity to make a little money without selling out my own blog with ads (which I’m still not going to do, even though there are some ads on here because WordPress makes me have them) and also to bring a little fun and humor to a wider audience of Bulldog fans. I don’t particularly have any ambitions of becoming a professional sportswriter, which is abundantly clear.

Thanks as always to the readers who followed me over there, and I apologize for the lack of content over here. I’ll have a lot more energy to cover the team in these coming months and so RWD should be chock full of the RWD you all know and love or hate with the fiery passion of a thousand suns.

Go for the sweep tonight, Bulldogs! It’s your last time to play in front of your home crowd until the lame ducks from Alabama-Huntsville chug into town.

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