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Merci Beaucoup

24 November 2011

It’s officially Thanksgiving, and as I have a job that does not require a petition to try to get a day off, I’m up late and ready to post.

Have we ever had more for which to be thankful, as Bulldogs fans?

We saw our team win its first national championship in April. We have a beautiful new arena. Our football team is on the road to their second national championship in two years. Our men’s hockey team is also on their way to their second national championship in two years, (but they are a little farther up the road.) Our women’s team is elite, as always. The women’s volleyball team had a spectacular season. The cross-country teams have elite players. Bulldog alumni are making names for themselves in the professional hockey ranks. Freshmen are coming in and blowing away all expectations. We have the 2012 Hobey Baker Award winner as our captain.

And, we have each other. We have our little community. And I am lucky to be a part of it.

I am thankful for the two guys who sit on either side of me at home hockey games. The people who make me laugh on Twitter. The folks who comment on this site or send me emails, sometimes almost daily. The people who I see every time I’m at the arena. The people who come over to my seats and say hello and introduce themselves. The family members who act like this site is the greatest thing they’ve ever read. The co-owner of my WCHA fantasy hockey team. The idiot who I talk to on AIM every day. The other bloggers who share their information and support. The photographers that share their captured moments. The opposing fans who love a friendly back-and-forth. The NHL bloggers and fans who love chatting about prospects and UMD alumni. The students who take my suggestions and work to make the student section better. The little kids, some of whom can barely say “Go Bulldogs!,” who wave and give me high-fives and make me smile.

Thanks everyone. You’re amazing.

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