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Of Mel and Men

30 November 2011

Well well, Mr. Pearson. We meet again.

As you all certainly know, Michigan Tech fired the sexy Jamie Russell (who is now a coach with the Providence Friars) and hired the unsexy Mel Pearson, who we last saw weeping quietly on the bench at the Xcel Center on 9 April, 2011, as tUMD claimed their first national championship over the Ugly Helmets, where Mel was an assistant coach.

While I do hope for a sweep, of course, I would be wrong in saying I wanted Mel to feel the pain he felt last April with the overtime loss. Let’s try not to let it get to overtime, mkay? Last year, tUMD swept Tech in both meetings, which was the first time tUMD had done so in forever and ever. It would be nice to repeat that.

Plus, there is the matter of the whole NCHC thing. Michigan Tech, as a non-like-minded school, has been left behind with the dregs of the WCHA, and their fans are not happy about it. Unlike some other schools, whose fans have processed this and have moved on, many Michigan Tech fans have been unable to follow suit. I would probably recommend some therapy for them, as they need to find a way over this emotional stumbling block.

This year, Michigan Tech has not lost to any NCHC schools. Never mind that means they are 1-0-1 against NCHC schools as they have only played Denver; the vocal anti-NCHC crowd has gotten a little braggy about it. tUMD should really work on making Tech’s record 1-2-1. Not that it would shut anyone up, but it would take away a talking point.

Moving on, this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the final game at the DECC. Let’s look back briefly. First, here are my thoughts from the penultimate game and the final game.

The goal lap for the first goal (you can see my fat badonkadonk holding up the second segment of the lap. I am not fast, and also was afraid of stepping on someone):

Mike Connolly’s goal (which I didn’t see because of the stupid jersey auction in which I overpaid for Dylan Olsen’s jersey):

Good god is that guy ever talented. I mean… wow.

The final minute of play:

The speeches and the final stick salute with all the alumni:

Well, that was a nice trip down memory lane.

Don’t forget there’s UMD football Saturday at noon! First 300 students get in free!

Lastly, congratulations to Jim Johnson, former Bulldog and father of Derik, for his new job as assistant coach with the Washington Capitals! And Jim, tell them to STAY AWAY FROM HERBERT.

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  1. 30 November 2011 6:35 pm

    Its funny with all the NC excitment Its almost easy to forget that we said goodbye to the decc and said hello to AA.

  2. dogfan permalink
    16 December 2011 9:30 pm

    Wtf? I am thinking of deleting this site from my favs. Need to seriously consider adding some content….

  3. 17 December 2011 2:03 am

    Ok, please go ahead and delete it. Sorry the site is not up to your standards.


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