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Making the Heart Grow Fonder

5 January 2012

I was getting laundry together when I came across some of my tUMD gear and thought I really needed to get back in the saddle on the blog. I am sorry for the long absence, as it wasn’t planned and I don’t have any other reason besides writer’s block and a lack of inertia. The alternative to taking the breaks occasionally (because this isn’t the first and won’t be the last) would be shuttering the blog entirely, and I’m not prepared to do that when I really don’t have any real reason to do so.

It is too late for any sort of 2011 retrospective. I mean, not really, but I feel things like that should be posted on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Instead let’s talk about 2012, the year the world is supposed to end, and talk about how we’re going to go out in style.

I wrote at the beginning of the season (not on here, on that blog from which I was fired) that tUMD should try to win the MacNaughton Cup, and they are in control of their own destiny in that regard. They are also in great position, PWR-wise, to make the NCAA tournament again. I am very superstitious and won’t be buying a plane ticket to Florida tomorrow, but I can’t stop myself from dreaming about the possibility of a nice sunny vacation for my Bulldogs and myself at the beginning of April.

But on the other side, I am nervous. tUMD begins play tomorrow against Western Michigan in Kalamazoo. Friday’s game will be televised on CBS College Sports or something. I’m taping it (well, recording it on my DVR, but it’s one of those anachronistic sayings I can’t get rid of) because I’m having dinner with friends. I know that’s kind of lame, considering that tUMD hasn’t played since December 10th, and 27 days without Bulldog hockey has really sucked, but things occur.

The longer the winning streak goes on, the more I worry about a losing streak coming. I know that’s stupid. I know that, at times, I am pessimistic to almost comical degrees, but I can’t help it. We did see a stretch of very poor hockey last year. Of course, we also saw a national championship, so it’s not the end of the world.

Western Michigan is going to be part of our new conference, so we should get used to seeing them. The last time tUMD played them was when the current seniors were freshmen. They were not good then. Western did make the NCAAs last year and lost to Denver in the second overtime. They were recently swept at the National Hockey Center, which means tUMD had better extend their streak. 2 wins against WMU would be great for tUMD’s common opponent comparisons with the rest of the CCHA.

I’m going to finish this off as the 3rd period of the WJC gold medal game will commence momentarily, and I — ok it just started, gotta fly. Go Sverige!

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