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Hard Times Come Again No More

25 March 2012

Very few college hockey players win their final game in uniform. The nature of the college hockey playoff format makes it difficult to do. It’s part of what makes the sport so heartbreaking.

Last year, Mike Montgomery, Mike Connolly, Justin Faulk, Justin Fontaine, Chad Huttel, Trent Palm and Kyle Schmidt did it. There was nothing I wanted more than for Brady Lamb, Jack Connolly, Scott Kishel, Cody Danberg (?), Travis Oleksuk, David Grun and Kenny Reiter to do the same.

Winning seasons, Final Five appearances, and NCAA appearances used to be a once in awhile occurrence for the Bulldogs. The future looks bright for this team, and that makes this loss easier to bear than ones in the past.

This helps, too:

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  1. mommiester permalink
    26 March 2012 12:12 am

    Guess the mohawks just couldn’t push ’em thru’

  2. vizoroo permalink
    26 March 2012 11:20 am

    Maybe bleached Mohawks next year. .:>}


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