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We Love Dick

4 June 2012

Photo courtesy of Chris and Nicole Anderson

The Duluth hockey community lost one of its legends today. Dick Stewart, youth hockey supporter, sporting goods purveyor, and UMD hockey fan extraordinaire, passed away today. He was 92, and his wife had just passed away last week.

I can’t think of anyone more synonymous with the hockey in Duluth than Mr. Stewart. From the little kids running around in red and black Stewart’s hats to the band playing “Roll Out the Barrel” while Dick waved his signature UMD windsock, he was everywhere. Biddco and I gave him a Peanut Butter Hjelle Time t-shirt, and he got an enormous kick out of getting a t-shirt from a person dressed as a banana. UMD fans practically tore the roof off the DECC singing “Happy Birthday” to him when he turned 90. Knowing that Dick Stewart lived to see UMD win its first national championship made it even sweeter for me and for many fans.

We should all be so lucky, to live 92 wonderful years, to have family and friends and a community we love and who love us in return. I will miss you, Mr. Stewart, and I will never forget you.

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