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Thirsty Thursday

18 October 2012

tUMD 3, Racist Mascots 1

(Yes, I know, no recap of the Saturday night game, fail, whatever.)

Ah, back to hockey over the internet. I guess I’ve been spoiled. For one weekend. Tonight my head is a little fuzzy as I’ve got a cold, so this won’t be up to its usual quality. Which means it’s going to be extra terrible.

UMD got on the board finally, very very late in the period, only 2 seconds to go in fact, after the Racist Mascots attempted to decapitate Caleb Herbert. If this was the NHL, he’d be SHANABANNED! Except, if this was the NHL, we would all be stuck watching baseball as there would be no game. Hooray for college hockey and the free labor of college athletes! UMD somehow only got 3 minutes of the major penalty because the refs decided to even it up for the first 2 minutes. Stupid. Notre Dame took a penalty later in the power play and CAL DECOWSKI!!!!!!!, aka Gretzky 2, scored just as I had given up on the period. Faith: restored!

In the second period, tUMD scored again just after a penalty kill had expired, when Dan Delisle got a breakaway off the bench and scored. He then turned green, grew so large he busted out of his jersey and gear, and yelled “DELISLE SCORE!!!!!!!!!” Justin Crandall scored a little bit later, and then except for one little defensive lapse on the PK that resulted in a Notre Dame goal, the game was over.

Matt McNeely made his first start for the Dogs (remember he’s already played AGAINST the Dogs) and was sharp. Like I said, the only goal came on some defensive boneheadedness, and McNeely weathered some major storms. Not too bad, getting a W in your first start against a good opponent.

Tomorrow, UMD sweeps the Leprechauns all the way back to their cathedral in France!

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