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A Day Early But Still a Dollar Short

21 October 2012

tUMD 1, Racist Mascots 4

Did anyone else wake up on Saturday and have that icky Sunday Morning Coming Down feeling? The whole Thursday-Friday series thing threw off my sense of time, since the rest of my life is somewhat varied in structure from week to week.

And yet, tUMD managed to mimic their 180-degree turnaround they’ve now patented in the first two weeks: kick all kinds of butt on the first night, then melt down Three Mile Island-style the second night. Unfortunate. For the experience and talent we have on defense, there’s no reason for the kinds of breakdowns and turnovers the team had on Friday. Crandall kept the team in the game, but when you let a team more than double you up on shots in one period of hockey, it’s not a good thing for any goalie.

Tony Cameranesi provided a little glimmer of hope as he got his first Bulldog goal, and Austyn Young was very close to getting his first in his debut (he was in for Farley, which was weird since we probably could have used both Farley and Young in the lineup, but I trust that Sandy has his reasons), which would have changed the makeup of the game significantly, but tUMD’s offense was fairly anemic overall. The ice seemed to be tilted towards Notre Dame’s end most of the night. Summerhays must be a real fatty.

The world hasn’t ended, we all know we’ve got some really promising freshmen and sophomores on the team at all positions, as well as some more quality recruits coming in, and we just have to be patient. There’s no reason this team can’t begin to gel (remember, they are a week behind many teams because they did not have an exhibition game) and take off like an SST. Of course, I am the most impatient person in the world so I’m going to have a heck of a time taking my own advice.

See you all this weekend for what I can only assume will be a convincing and commanding sweep of the Red Menace!!

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