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No Name Stakes

17 November 2012

tUMD 4, Generic Hockey Team 4

Well, did we all get our money’s worth, then? I did, of course, because I didn’t go to the game and thus it didn’t cost me anything. Although I did have dinner with my besties and made some excellent guacamole and then completely ruined some hard boiled eggs. No, I do not know how to cook. I had to Google how to hard boil eggs. Won’t be using that recipe again.

Oh, hockey. So no, I’m never comfortable when tUMD plays at No Name Steaks Arena. They just really suck there frequently. It is sometimes unpleasant. But that’s cool, that’s ok, I’ll just freak the heck out for a few hours a day and then breathe into a bag at the end and it’ll be fine, right?

This wasn’t exactly a goaltenders’ duel. That’s ok. The lead changed hands 4 times, starting with Mike Seidel scoring and ending with Drew Olson scoring. SENIOR LEADERSHIP. Senior leadership bookending some freshman superstardom, with Austin Farley’s two hard working goals. The Notorious No-Namers had some scoring in there, too, but who cares? And Crandall, well, he battled and hung in there and fought through some crazy stuff to get that tie. Let’s face it, when you give up a goal because the team can’t clear the puck for, like, two minutes, it really sucks, but the team shouldn’t be putting any goalie in that situation. So, there’s a lot to do defensively, let’s just get that out of the way. Patience. We have to have it. Easier said than done, non?

Ridiculous things happened in the WCHA. 3 of the 4 league games went to overtime, and the fourth, CC vs DU, nearly did. How can this league end? How can we lose the wild, wild Western Collegiate Hockey Association? A goalie got a fighting major. Michigan Tech came back from a 3 goal deficit and won. It was absolutely insane.

I can guarantee you that nearly every player AND most of the coaches are going to come into their games with huge chips on their shoulders. Tomorrow is going to be a complete disaster and I can’t even wait.

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