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Baby Steps

10 November 2012

tUMD 2, Communist Cows 3

Bleah, what a crappy game. Pretty much the only good thing was when tUMD showed signs of life in the 1st period and came back from down 2 early to tie it up by the end of the period. The second period I guess they got some good shots on goal. Then so much badness happened with the two major penalties (one a DQ) and zero offense and such.

Personally, I’m not that broken up about it. For two reasons:

1. Retail slavery involves me getting up when it is still dark out.

2. My new friend:











This little guy is my new nephew. He’s 5 days old and already disappointed by the Bulldogs. Tomorrow, he’ll be let down by the Vikings. And the NHL is locked out. And the Twins… horrifying. I question the wisdom of bringing a child into this world under such circumstances. But, life must go on.

Guys, come on. This kid is too innocent and sweet to grow up in a world with game disqualifications and checking from behind penalties and goals given up less than a minute into games. Can you please get it together and muster a win against Captain Gaptooth and the People’s Red Army of Omaha?

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