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Things That Occurred

16 January 2013

Comrades, so much has happened since I last posted! Because I am a failure! So now I am making a terrible, random, hodgepodge of a post as atonement!

The NHL lockout is over, of course, which is fine, although I am not easily going to be won back. I’m watching the Wild’s scrimmage right now. Maybe we’ll get to see Justin Fontaine in a Wild jersey at some point during this season. I am somewhat underwhelmed otherwise, although I guess I’m just not that invested in the Wild beyond Mikko Koivu and Mikael Granlund. Also I’m in a fantasy league again. Go Team J’m’en Crisse!!!

The less said about the Florida tournament, the better. I don’t know what kind of Sex Boat shenanigans went on to cause the three players to get suspended (Farley, Bergman and Danberg), but one of many differences between tUMD’s fanbase and… certain other fanbases is our fans don’t go on witch hunts looking for every last little morsel of dirt on our players. (Nor do we demand private medical information about our players when they have… problems with their feet, let’s say.)

tUMD won a pair of games against Tech with what appeared to be opposite strategies: first, they scored one goal and hung on for dear life (which is classic tUMD-MTU hockey). Then, they scored lots of goals before nearly letting the game slip away. They did manage to give up an extra attacker goal, much to everyone’s chagrin. We were all lucky Tech was down by 2 at that point.

Last Saturday there was also a jersey auction. I didn’t bid because I wasn’t there, and they were replicas, and I’m also wary of the politics of breast cancer “pink-washing.” Also now that I am back in school I have to spend money on overpriced textbooks and “fees” and parking and other dumb stuff.

I’m going to TRY, really TRY, to get back in the habit of posting more regularly the rest of the season, but I am going to have to get used to sporadically attending games (I haven’t been to one since October) after several years of regular attendance at home games. I know, I founded this blog on sporadic attendance, but whatever.

As a final note, this will be the last year for tUMD’s fan forum, tPenalty Box. It’s unfortunate that the site won’t be around anymore, as there used to be several posters with great recruiting information.

Let’s hope tUMD can give CC a pounding this weekend and get some momentum in the second half of the season!

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