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Same Old Same Old

20 January 2013

tUMD 3, Kittens 2/tUMD 1, Kittens 5

Pretty much every post I write about this season could be titled Jekyll/Hyde. Whatever, it’s fine. Again, we’ve all been spoiled by such fantastic seasons. As long as it doesn’t become the norm again, I can deal with this season. And looking at the freshmen and sophomores on the team, I’m not that worried.

HOWEVER, guys, this does not mean you’ve been given carte blanche to suck. Please try to be good, at least. Is that asking a lot? Trying? I don’t know. I do know that getting a split is not really that fantabulous when that Friday win has already been secured.

Friday was kind of a neat game. Sources at the game say they were not impressed by either team. I do have to give tUMD credit for battling back from a 1-0 deficit to take a lead, and then after surrendering the lead, continuing to attack. I am glad they didn’t just play for the tie. Just think if Herbert hadn’t scored, we’d have come out of Colorado Springs with one sad pathetic little point, instead of a respectable two. In tie games, the last few minutes are typically no man’s land, with both teams playing conservatively in order to preserve that point. And then CC pulled the goalie and tDogs didn’t let in an extra attacker goal! I was so excited and filled with hope for a possible sweep.

Saturday was terrible. So terrible that only one player even got a point! Keegan Flaherty’s unassisted goal was the only bright spot of the game. I am very confused by losing in this fashion. The altitude kind of sucks, yeah, but conditioning is part of the game. Blowout games leave me scratching my head. It’s not like CC is amazing this year, and it’s not like tUMD is terrible. So why let that happen? I’m befuddled. I don’t think I need to have any more synonyms for addled in this post.

This weekend, tUMD plays some teenagers in an exhibition game and faces Denver the following weekend, and I will be IN THE HIZZAY for the game! Denver is having a somewhat disastrous season which is fantastic, since it keeps the spotlight off of tUMD’s temporary reduction in excellence. A sweep would be beautiful.

Oh, here’s the quotation of the weekend:

@runwiththedogs: Sounds like Dogs are starting to buzz a bit again.

@knowsnothing: Do they think they are bees?

@runwiththedogs: They are dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees.

I can’t believe I found a way to make that germane to a conversation.

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  1. 21 January 2013 5:28 pm

    you should be aware that cc has been known to wear unis that make them look like bumble bees


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