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UMD Adds Blue Chip Recruit to 2013 Class

30 July 2013

Duluth, MN

When UMD Head Coach Scott Sandelin commented weeks ago that he was done recruiting for the year, he wasn’t expecting to land one of the most sought-after recruits in hockey. Tuesday, Coach Sandelin, Coach Miller, and the athletic department announced they would be adding a blue-chip recruit, stolen right out of the back yard of the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Blogger Runnin’ with the Dogs will be on campus come September.

“RWD is a most welcome late addition to the team. She is at the top of the NHL Central Scouting’s blogger rankings, she’s honed her craft over nearly a decade, and we have had our eye on recruiting her as she made her way from the club level at the University of Illinois and the D-3 level at Augsburg College. RWD is a blogger any coach in D-1 hockey would be pleased to have on their starting roster, and we’re glad we could come to an agreement with her,” Coach Sandelin said in a statement released Tuesday morning.

New UMD Athletic Director Josh Berlo echoed Sandelin’s enthusiasm. “Knowing we have such a talented blogger on the roster this fall is part of what will make UMD hockey a world-class program. No other team in the NCHC, nor in college hockey at all, has a blogger on this level. We are proud to welcome RWD to the team.”

Coach Miller was also pleased to have RWD aboard. “RWD is an asset to this University and to our athletic department, and I am so glad we were able to lock up her commitment.” Coach Miller also noted that RWD is neither Swedish nor Canadian, but is a homegrown Minnesota talent.

Radio voice of the Bulldogs, Bruce Ciskie, merely groaned in annoyance and rolled his eyes, then returned to writing his 1000-page tirade on officiating.

RWD was not immediately available for comment, but she is expected to release a statement of her own in the near future.

Other schools RWD was considering include NCHC in-state rival St. Cloud State University; UMD’s little sister school, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities; and the University of Maine.


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