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29 August 2013

Hello, long time no talk, comrades!

I am really only writing this post because I am procrastinating. I am moving to Duluth in 2 days and don’t really want to pack anything. So here I am, writing the non-lampoon version of this exciting development in the RWD-verse.

I am so, so, so excited to live in Duluth and to attend tUMD. I am also excited to be able to go to a Bulldogs hockey game and go home after the game, rather than back to a hotel room or a friend’s couch (now I can start to return the favor for people who have house me over the years) or my car for a 2 1/2 hour drive. I’m excited to be able to attend more women’s hockey games, football games, and high school hockey games. I’m excited I’ll be in town every weekend, so I can meet out of town Bulldog or opposing fans who are coming into town.

Last season I went to fewer tUMD hockey games than I have in years. It sucked. The blog sucked, too. I mean, more than usual. I hope I can find some new and fresh way to write this year. I mean, I’m not going to be writing dozens of recruiting articles and all that jazz, like I’m Andy Freaking Johnson or something. I’m an engineering student and he’s majoring in synchronized swimming or something. It’s a new year, we’ve got new recruits, a new beat writer, and a new conference. I’m sure I can find some inspiration somewhere. (That sounds very confident, doesn’t it?)

I don’t get to confuse people anymore, which is sad. I’ve been asked dozens of times, “You aren’t from Duluth and you didn’t go to tUMD, how are you a Bulldog fan?” It doesn’t make sense, right? How could someone be a fan of such a sad little team without some form of environmental or institutional indoctrination? Well, in 2 years (or so) I’ll be a tUMD alumna and no one will ever ask that question again. Indoctrination will be assumed.

Anyway, now that I’m your neighbor/classmate/superior in every way, please say hello! I’ll be the only student on campus with an AARP card (since Danberg graduated), gray hair, and a walker.

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  1. CMBulldog permalink
    3 September 2013 4:37 pm

    Who is the new beat writer?

  2. 3 September 2013 9:52 pm

    Rick Weegman is the new beat writer!


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