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Students Unite!

11 September 2013

Well, the first week of school is over; now it’s time to focus on more important things! Like BULLDOG HOCKEY! The sole reason for this blog and my sole reason for living.

First of all, while I’m sure it’s better than it used to be, the frequency of Gopher-related attire sightings is alarmingly high. Like, once or twice a day high. That is extremely upsetting. Today in one of my classes a guy was wearing a 2002 Gopher national championship shirt. Fortunately I was wearing my 2011 tUMD national championship shirt. There needs to be some kind of trade-in program. Trade in your Gopher gear, get a pile of manure. Trade in your Gopher gear, or else I beat you with a sack of doorknobs. Or other similar upgrades.

I did see one person wearing a Michigan Tech shirt. He should probably have sought counseling.

The student section now has an OFFICIAL Twitter account: @UMDPB! You should follow it. And me: @runwiththedogs. If you like obscenities. The athletic department has really done a great job embracing social media. Better late than never, I guess? The website got a fancy upgrade, too. And tDNT has a new beat writer, Rick Weegman (@rweegman); I’ll find out if he’s blogging. Once Matt has his new blog up and running (he decided to run it on Drupal, because he’s an idiot or something), I’ll update you on that.

And the most important thing: STUDENT SEASON TICKETS! They go on sale next week! Via the interwebs! And the interwebs won’t crash this time, because it’s being handled through Ticketbastard. As Matt says, “If they can hold Justin Bieber, they can hold us.” I don’t want to be held by anyone who has held the Biebs, personally.

Tickets go on sale at 8:00 am on Tuesday, 17 September! Get yourself to a computer! If you must, get to campus early so you can get reliable internet! You might actually get a spot in the maroon lot if you’re there before 8! Although that is not guaranteed!

Ticket sales are based on your class status, based on credit hours. So, freshmen, thank your lucky stars for those AP credits that made you an automatic sophomore! Tickets cost $120 and you get a free t-shirt. So now, if the only t-shirt you own is a Gopher t-shirt, you can turn that into toilet paper because you’ve got a Bulldog shirt now!

The tickets are now general admission, so there’s no upper or lower bowl tickets. Instead, the first 650 students in the building get wristbands for the lower bowl. This gives underclassmen a chance to get the best seats, instead of being relegated to the upper bowl because seniors or juniors bought the lower bowl tickets and didn’t bother to show. The most dedicated student fans will get the best seats.

Please go to the games, students. There’s no possible way you could ever regret it. You may meet your future spouse there, or your best friends for the next 4 years of your life, or longer. You may be part of another national championship. And you will have a fantastic time, win or lose, as long as you’re willing to be loud and obnoxious and creative and silly. Make signs, make t-shirts (hopefully not for a player who then quits the team), dress up in crazy clothes, do your research on your opponents and harass them, make fun of people’s mothers, make friends with the cops who patrol the student section, avoid vomiting in the bleachers, and go absolutely bananas for Bulldog hockey! And don’t forget, there are TWO hockey teams on campus. You can make signs and t-shirts and crazy costumes for the women’s games, too. tUMD students get in free to women’s hockey games, simply show your U-Card at the ticket window and you’re set!

And wave to me in section 216. Yeah, I may be a student, but I’m still sitting with the old people. And by the way, “stand up old people” is a jinx of a chant if you do it too early.

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  1. 12 September 2013 7:49 pm

    You’re so awesome. Seriously.


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