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I’m Checking In

22 November 2013

Hello, comrades.

Sorry. It’s been awhile. I’ve been working hard! Both at school and… um, work. Which is the real problem, since I’ve been missing a lot of the games.

You can read my usual TDG Diatribe here. I do love that I am asked back for these Q and As simply to troll the readers of the blog. I am not sure if anyone on the Gophers’s end gives a crap about these games since their football team has won a few games. So cute! Here in the Northland, hockey is #1, and we don’t put it on Sundays. So sad for our little sister school.

So, I really hope to get back into recapping. Breaks in blogging from time to time are good because I’m not just regurgitating the same tired old tropes everyone else is writing. Unfortunately, I really feel disconnected from the game right now, and that sucks. Here I am, living in Duluth, and I’m not writing furiously like never before? (I mean, I am furious at time, but not in that same sense.) I guess Twitter has made me lazy. And no home games in FOREVER. That is super annoying.

Ok, that was just a quick check-in, I’ve got nothing else for you right now. I hope I’ll be recapping a big sweepity sweep on Sunday!

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