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Hats Off To Thee

10 January 2014

What is the opposite of jumping the shark? Because that’s what our Fonzi has done this season with the Wild.

Weren’t watching last night? Here’s all you need to know: Justin Fontaine had a hat trick. Nothing else matters. #1 star on Sports Center last night. Huge win for the Wild, who are missing four of their best players.

We’ve of course seen a Fontaine hat trick before. He scored 4 goals against Tech in 2009, on an eventful weekend (read the recap, so many shenanigans behind the scenes). Robb Hunter, voice of the Bonnyville Racist Mascots, Justin’s junior team, informed me Justin also had a hat trick with the Racist Mascots in 2006. But this is the big leagues, and it wasn’t against Michigan Tech (incidentally, a “Tech hat trick” is 9 goals against, because let’s face it, scoring 3 on Tech is nothing.)

This is a big freaking deal for us as Bulldog fans, and for college hockey fans in general. Here’s a guy who got an education, played his full four years of college hockey, became a star on the college scene, and then signed a free agent contract with a team who then proceeded to load up with young talent through the draft… and he still clawed his way into the lineup. So the nation gets reminded of tUMD (or “Minny Duluth”) and our national championship on Sports Center last night. There is no better publicity for recruits than the success of our players in the NHL.

Speaking of recruits, I should have mentioned this the other day, but tUMD picked up a couple of Warroad boys the other day. Kobe Roth (who had 4 goals himself last night, including a shorthanded hat trick) and Jared Bethune. Some pretty legit pickups for the Dogs! I hope you all have other sources for recruiting other than me, because you know that’s not my strong point.

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