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Out Tonight

7 January 2014

Proving once again I’m the fairest blogger of them all, I invite all comrades in the RWD Army to join me this Friday night at 6:07 for tUMD’s game against Mankato. And I’m buying again! (Remember I did this back in October!)

Tickets are only $1, so even if you don’t feel comfortable associating with me (or do not want to be referred to as a comrade), you won’t have to take a huge bite out of your budget. But if you’re like Monty Burns and would be happier with the dollar, I’m here for you! Got it? I’LL BUY YOU A TICKET TO FRIDAY’S GAME! Email me (runwiththedogs at hotmail), tweet at me (@runwiththedogs), somehow get in touch with me and I’ll buy you a ticket!

Seriously, what other blogger offers to buy people tickets to games? None, that’s right. Who loves ya, baby? Now don’t be ridiculous, take me up on this offer and come out for some great hockey!


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