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Trial and Error

24 January 2014

Sorry I didn’t post anything about tUMD’s games last weekend. I actually did start to write a post, a really cool old-school RWD post, then I lost steam and decided to finish it the next day… and caught a cold. Wahhhhhhhhh. The good news is the cool old-school RWD post wasn’t game-specific, so I can use it again.

The men lost Friday with 45 seconds to go in overtime, after going the first 56 minutes of the game without scoring and roaring back to tie it. The first goal was not the greatest moment in Carson Soucy history, I will tell you that. Situational awareness, son. Situational awareness. Saturday the Dogs let the game go slip-sliding away from them in the third period. They did win the shootout though! That was an exciting moment, as shootouts go. Our first non-failure for a shootout aligned nicely with our first shootout that meant something.

The women had two shootouts, one after 65 minutes of scoreless hockey and only Katerina Marazova scoring in the shootout, and the other after letting tOSU tie things up late. The Dogs lost the second shootout as neither Bulldog scored and the first two tOSU shooters scored. Splitting with a terrible team like Ohio State is not the way to wriggle back into the upper echelon of the WCHA. This is a tough year but there are some talented underclasswomen. We just have to hang on.

This weekend, and by this weekend I mean in just over two hours, we’ll see how this whole “North Star College Cup,” aka Gopher Greedy Grab, works out in its inaugural year. I am not keeping an open mind, because I rarely do, but there are ways this nonsense can be done… well, I don’t want to say right. I’ll just say less wrong. We will see. Well, I will DVR and then see, because I have to go to work during the games. Saturday I will be going to the Warroad-Denfeld game with a friend and I’ll be picking his brain for some comments on our recruits, Kobe Roth and Jared Bethune. I am not a great talent evaluation mind, but I will just steal his comments and pass them off as my own. Biddy will also report in from the Gopher Greedy Grab (use #GGG on Twitter so we can follow along with everyone’s comments) so there should be lots of fun stuff on RWD this weekend! Or maybe not. We’ll see.

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