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How To Train Your Bulldog

25 January 2014

So, as promised, I went to the Denfeld-Warroad game this afternoon to check up on a couple of Bulldogs-in-the-making. I had intended to check out a few different high school hockey venues this season, but this crippling cold has severely tempered my enthusiasm for doing anything. I hope I can, at the VERY least, get to some of the section games. Maybe next year it’ll be warmer and I can get to some of the storied rivalries up here.

I have never been to the Duluth Heritage Sports Center before. I probably should have taken more time to look around and see all the different features of the arena, but I took too much time getting the world’s sweetest cappucino and a bratwurst and then had to find UMD26MN. I’m sure I’ll be back. And next time I’ll wear my boots, because standing on the cold concrete floor froze my feet. My super awesome custom Converse All-Star high-tops were not insulating enough. Otherwise I wasn’t cold, and didn’t wear my coat. I am tough.

Let’s just talk about the tiny elephant in the room here: Kobe Roth is short. Like, maybe still taller than me but not by much. He’s also a junior in high school so he could get taller. A little. Maybe. That doesn’t mean he can’t be successful, but I did want to mention it. Dirty had told me he was a little squirt but I wasn’t sure if he was exaggerating or not.

Both guys are fast, and they are very skilled with the puck. Neither are puck hogs, which is good. We don’t need to have guys who need to learn how to share. That’s the purpose of preschool. Roth had a goal and 2 assists and some other great scoring chances, including one I didn’t see but UMD26MN described for me. He said Roth was trapped 1 on 4 and stick-handled his way into a scoring chance. Nifty. He skates smoothly. Bethune had 2 goals and 3 assists, including one goal that was absolutely out of control sick. Naturally I am unable to describe it but it got everyone’s attention. He has a bit of a different skating stride.

I look forward to seeing these guys as they face better competition (no offense, Denfeld, but…) and as they mature as players, but I’m pretty pumped to see them in maroon and gold in a few years. And yes, I committed my usual NCAA violations of daring to mention them on the internets, where everyone can see I am not offering to buy them boats and stuff.

Now, on to the Gopher Greedy Grab!

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  1. mommeister permalink
    26 January 2014 11:54 am

    saw the GGG last night…good game, but alas, the goofs were just one shot luckier

  2. mommeister permalink
    26 January 2014 11:55 am

    Let me know if you ever see Gunnar Howg play. He plays for East.


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