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Insult To Injury

1 February 2014

As we discussed in my previous post, I love being right. So, while never actually having been wrong myself, I can understand why a person might be reticent to admit s/he was wrong. Enter The Chorske.

Yesterday I posted a bunch of screen shots from his Twitter account (he styles himself as HockeyLogic, which secretes a rank odor of irony), but there’s more! Since Farley didn’t play tonight (we’ll discuss the game later, pointing out the incompetence of, well, anyone is much more entertaining for me), naturally I thought (as did another like-minded fellow) our dear chairwarmer would like to know, and would like the chance to reach out to Farley and the team and make amends, as a mature, professional adult would.

Does this sound like a mature adult? (Him, not me, obvs, because we already know I am not.)






Okay, yes, it was mean of me to kick him while he was down with the grammar situation, but hey, it’s not as bad as being taunted by an alleged professional broadcaster after suffering a head injury.


I edited this tweet slightly because it could be interpreted in a way I did not intend, but it’s still up on my Twitter feed in its entirety. But come on. If you believe an unqualified, biased peon like me knows the score and he doesn’t, well, I have a lift bridge to sell you.

More on this story as it develops, unless my interest wanes.

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  1. siouxfan permalink
    1 February 2014 2:48 am

    Is he the clown color guy who eas cheering on the gophers against UMN? He muttered, go chad or whatever the gopher players’ name was on his rush up the ice after the Farley getting tripped and embellishing incident? Complete homer on a supposed neutral broadcast of the wooden spoon cup thingie tourney…

  2. Slap Shot permalink
    1 February 2014 7:13 pm

    Not only is it not a neutral broadcast, but Chorske doesn’t do color or pbp. However, feel free to keep up the derp.


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