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Year One

22 August 2014

This last season was my first season covering tUMD women’s hockey. I’m going to give myself a solid D- for the season.

Of course, every other season prior I’d have to give myself an F. The site was a big fat failure in terms of supporting Bulldog hockey, considering I was only supporting 50% of the programs. Only in engineering is 50% ever not a failing grade; I don’t think sports blogging has a curve.

I told myself and others that I didn’t know how to seriously write about hockey. I only knew how to make jokes and bad Photoshop images. Enough people laugh at women’s hockey, there’s no need for me to laugh with them. And other excuses.

But how can I ever ask for women’s sports to get more coverage, support, and respect if I won’t do it myself? How did it take me ten seasons to figure that out? I suppose I am older and wiser now, but I’m still bothered by what a big fat hypocrite I’ve been. Last season I finally chucked all those excuses and just started writing.

There are two good things about the dearth of coverage of women’s hockey. The first is it provides me an opportunity to write about something without worrying I’m redundant. Point me to another tUMD women’s hockey blog. (If there’s one maintained out there and I don’t know about it, shame on me!) The second is no one is out there doing it better than I can do, so my crappy attempts to write about the game rather than just make a bunch of jokes, say “and some things happened,” and call it a day, like I do with men’s hockey, aren’t being compared to someone else’s more eloquent, more informed commentary. So what if I’m not able to dissect the game like a veteran sportswriter? It’s not like anyone else is. Eventually writers better than me will come along, but until then? I’m the best you’ve got. And maybe I’ll get better along the way.

Ok maybe that last part is a pipe dream.

As it turns out, I was able to cover women’s hockey in a fairly similar fashion to how I cover men’s hockey. It’s amazing what happens when I’m able to actually attend games. I don’t have to make stuff up to distract from all the actual play I didn’t see/had to rely on Bruce Ciskie to badly describe. Imagine that, seeing games in person makes it easier to write about them. GROUNDBREAKING. I think I even made some jokes in my women’s posts and it turns out it wasn’t a betrayal to the sport and I was worried about that for nothing.

This season is going to be even better for me in terms of balance. I have a new, more flexible job than I did last year, and I can set my own hours. No more Sundays! No more late Saturday nights! No more Black Friday! And MORE HOCKEY! Specifically more WOMEN’S hockey, as I managed to make every men’s game last year, including the exhibition game where I brought my circuits textbook.

Of course, this means more of you are going to have to come to women’s games, too, so that you can keep up with the site. I’ll see you Friday, 3 October!

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  1. Bulldog Phil permalink
    22 August 2014 9:47 pm

    Any thoughts on, if I’m remembering right, is a contract year for coach Miller? I would guess that being the highest paid in the department and not really living up to the past successes, has to be a consideration.

    • 23 August 2014 7:50 pm

      It’s definitely a concern. I mean, we’re only a few years out from a national championship, but other teams seem to be gaining on us and we’re not getting the top talent in MN as we should be.


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