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3 September 2014


Well. This was supposed to be a well-timed post that would be part of a bigger celebration marking ten years of this site. But I thought the anniversary was tomorrow and in fact it was yesterday. I suppose I could backdate the post and no one would know! But that is pointless. And it’s practically RWD tradition at this point to write a late post.

Writing this site has been an extraordinarily rewarding experience. It’s stress-free, it’s flexible, it’s fun, and has zero consequences. Well, it costs me a little money every year to host this site, but that’s about it.

When I started this site, I had very little interaction with the vibrant community of college hockey fans. I posted on [racist mascot] a bit, I guess. Then I joined tPB and USCHO and started reading other blogs and eventually tweeting and things happened.

Things like dressing up as MEg and hanging out with faux refs in St, Cloooud.

Or traveling to Houghton and meeting up with a bunch of Tech fans and tUMD fans.

Or meeting this fine woman and role model.

Or dressing up like an idiot to get on ESPN and witnessing one of the most exciting moments in Bulldog history.

Or dressing up like an idiot and getting picked to ride the Zamboni at the Final Five.

Or enjoying one of our frequent wins at Mariucci with the finest fans in hockey.

Or getting checked from behind by Jupiter, GPL Headmaster.

Or standing next to my best friends as they promise to spend their lives together. With me.

Thanks readers, tweeters, commenters, detractors, linkers, and assorted party animals. It’s been a blast so far!

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