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Video Killed The Radio Star

10 September 2014

No, this isn’t a story about Judd Medak murdering Bruce. Although now I would have to think of a better post title for that since I’ve just used the obvious one. Maybe Ding Dong The Bruce Is Dead. I am prepared for all contingencies.

Today the NCHC announced it’s launching a digital network, This gives the NCHC the dubious honor of being “the first single-sport NCAA conference to offer a fully integrated digital network.” Hooray?

I think it’s pretty cool, PROVIDED we don’t have any Floating Tiger Head nonsense or massive streaming issues.

Here are the features:

  • Live feeds of “nearly all” home games, meaning the possibility of blackouts for certain games, or simply unavailable feeds, which I suppose could be possible for certain out of conference road games.
  • Access to archived and condensed games. This means I can make hilarious screencaps of things! Maybe.
  • Free on-demand content, such as game highlights, press conferences, and other features.
  • Lots of different subscription packages which I don’t feel like detailing because you are all literate individuals and can clickety-clack over to one of the links I provided. I think the links say almost exactly the same thing but one is from tUMD’s site and one is from tNCHC’s site.

Since I live in Duluth and attend all home games, I’m not sure this package will be beneficial to me, but for the comrades in the RWD Empire spread throughout the land, this will be a game-changer! Literally!

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