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15 October 2014

tUMD 3, Rodents 4/tUMD 3, Racist Mascots 0
tUMD 0, Rodents 3/tUMD 4, Rodents 3 (SO)

Remember when I panicked about goaltending? It was last week. Perhaps I overreacted. A little.

I didn’t see Friday afternoon’s men’s game, but I did feel like barfing when I saw via Twitter the score was 3-0. Most people seemed to feel satisfied with the 4-3 “moral victory” almost-comeback, but I’m not thrilled. I don’t want the Rodents to win any game, ever. Even against other enemies such as UND or St, Cloooud, I just hope for an 0-0 tie where everyone tears their ACLs and/or gets suspended for general goonery. So, I’m going to be disappointed and that’s that.

Sunday I watched and enjoyed the game. I guess the Potato Farmers/Racist Mascots are bad now or something. Undisciplined at least. They seemed to enjoy negating their own PPs. I enjoyed it as well. It was nice of My9 to stream the game for us; one of the benefits of living in a small town, I suppose. Dominato dominated both games, McNeely earned a shut-out, and the weekend was salvaged.

I went to both women’s games this weekend. Friday I was late, as usual, but unlike the previous Friday, we actually had shots on goal. Yay!!! Unfortunately, no goals actually happened and those pesky rats walked away with a shutout. Saturday, I was late again, but only by a few minutes. Shortly after my arrival, tUMD took the lead after a goal by Emma Stauber. In the second period, Jenna McParland made it 2-0 on a delayed PP (which, let’s discuss, I don’t like the rule that if you score on a delayed PP, you do not get an offensive zone face-off), and tDogs almost made it to the end of the second with the shutout, but the vermin scored. tDogs got a PP early in the 3rd and Michelle Lowenhielm cashed in, but the Goofs made it 3-2 halfway through the period, and then a knucklepuck got by Black to tie the game. tDogs withstood a *cough*convenient*cough* Goofer PP to end the 3rd and start overtime, and made it to the shootout, which UMD won in 4 rounds, with goals from Meghan Huertas and Katerina Mrazova.

I would like to point out I spelled Lowenhielm and Mrazova from memory. Applauding myself over here.

This weekend the women are on the road to the vast wasteland to the west (wester than Buttmidji), and the men have a home/away series with the Purple Cows.

Now I would like to point out that I would rather write a boring and tardy blog post than study, but I can’t think of anything else to say, so I guess it’s back to the grind. See you all at the games this weekend!

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